Fler böcker av Art Buchwald

  • I'Ll Always Have Paris

    Art Buchwald

    "ART BUCHWALD DOES IT AGAIN. . . . A GREAT READ."<BR>--Larry King, USA Today <BR>In 1948, an American innocent named Art Buchwald set sail for Paris, France, determined to crash Hemingway's moveable feast and make himself fam...

  • Beating Around The Bush

    Art Buchwald

    New revised and expanded with columns from 2005, this examines the ridiculous people and events in American politics.

  • Too Soon to Say Goodbye

    Art Buchwald

    “[Art Buchwald] has given his friends, their families, and his audiences so many laughs and so much joy through the years that that alone would be an enduring legacy. But Art has never been just about the quick laugh. His humor is a road map...