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Böcker av Joseph Gallanar

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  1. Arthur Ransome: Dispatches and Letter to America, 1918.

    av Joseph Gallanar

    Häftad, Engelska, 2009-09-25, ISBN 9780557119813

    ARTHUR RANSOM, British author and journalist was a reporter in Russia during the Revolution and Civil War. His knowledge of Russian and his friendship for Trotsky's secretary (his future wife)gave him unique access to the Bolshevik leadership and ...

  2. Jean Jacques Rousseau:Musique Et Theatre. Tome I, Musique.[second Edition]

    av Joseph Gallanar

    Häftad, Franska, 2009-12-11, ISBN 9780557235278

    A collection of all Rousseau's essays and shorter pieces on Music and Language. This work does not include his Dictionnaire de Musique.

  3. Jean Jacques Rousseau: Musique Et Theatre. Tome II, Theatre. [second Edition]

    av Joseph Gallanar

    Häftad, Franska, 2009-12-11, ISBN 9780557245031

    A collection of all the various theatrical pieces and short essays on drama written by Jean Jacques Rousseau.

  4. Rene Louis D'Argenson: Considerations Sur Le Gouvernement Ancien Et Present De La France [1764/1765]

    av Joseph Gallanar

    Häftad, Franska, 2009-12-11, ISBN 9780557247059

    This is the pricipal work of Rene Louis d'Argrnson an 18thC political figure in Fance as well as a political theorist who attracted the attention of Jean Jacques Rousseau for his political writings of which this was the most important.