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  1. Markell and Voge's Medical Parasitology E-Book E-bok

    av David T John

    E-bok, Arabiska, 2014-03-24, ISBN 9780702054723

    Markell and Voge's Medical Parasitology E-Book

  2. Dental Materials E-Book E-bok

    av John M Powers, John C Wataha

    E-bok, Arabiska, 2014-03-24, ISBN 9780723438007

    Focusing on the dental materials most commonly used, this comprehensive text covers the tasks that dental assistants and hygienists typically perform. It describes current and emerging dental materials, how to properly mix and apply them, and how ...

  3. Emergency First Responder - Revised Reprint E-Book E-bok

    av Will Chapleau

    E-bok, Arabiska, 2014-03-24, ISBN 9780723438021

    Emergency First Responder - Revised Reprint E-Book

  4. World Development Report 2003

    av World Bank

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2003-03-01, ISBN 9780821353325

    This book is also available from the publisher Al-Ahram Center for Translation Al Galaa Street Cairo Egpyt Three billion people will be added to the world's population over the next 50 years and 2.8 billion people today already live on less than $...

  5. Health for All Now! Second Ed.

    av Elvira Beracochea

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2014-12-01, ISBN 9780982798577
  6. Therapy Cases Mental & Physical: In Arabic

    av Hasan Yahya

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2008-10-01, ISBN 9781440436567
  7. Al-Shart Al-Thalith: Plays, Stories & Knowledge

    av Dr Hasan A Yahya

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2010-03-01, ISBN 9781451521030
  8. The Genetic Material in Medicine

    av Dr Ismail Ibrahim Al-Janabi

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2010-11-01, ISBN 9781453885369
  9. Expanding Opportunities for the Next Generation

    av Safaa El-Kogali, Caroline Krafft

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2015-11-19, ISBN 9781464807367

    This book assesses the state of early childhood development (ECD) in MENA from before birth through age five, examining multiple dimensions of early development including health, nutrition, socio-emotional development, early learning, and early work.

  10. Fan Arabi Jadid (55 Words) Arabic Stories-Bilingual

    av Hasan Yahya

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2011-12-01, ISBN 9781468095869
  11. Anasir Al Naqd Al Adabi

    av Dr Hasan Yahya

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2013-02-01, ISBN 9781482627961
  12. Awraq Tawaweih Fi Alsahh Walthqfh

    av Prof Faisal A Latif Alnasir

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2014-03-01, ISBN 9781494957384
  13. The Green Medicine (Arabic Edition): El Teb Al Akhdar

    av Sphinx Agency Team

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2014-11-01, ISBN 9781503219434
  14. Regulatory Affairs (Arabic)

    av Mr Anas Rasheed

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2017-01-01, ISBN 9781542608350
  15. Coming into Hospital

    Looseleaf in binder, Arabiska, 1991-12-01, ISBN 9781853562020
  16. The Fact of the Embryo

    av Dr Waleed Saeed Albayati, Mohammad Sadiq Al-Karbassi

    Inbunden, Arabiska, 2014-01-06, ISBN 9781908286604
  17. Cure Diabetes with Diet (Arabic)

    av Miss Alia Rose

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2017-08-01, ISBN 9781974566266
  18. Field Er Care for War Wounded

    av Abdullah Abdulaziz Alhaji

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2017-09-01, ISBN 9785598333334
  19. The Problemata Physica, Attributed to Aristotle: The Arabic Version of H Unain Ibn Ish Q and the Hebrew Version of Moses Ibn Tibbon

    av L S Filius

    Inbunden, Arabiska, 1999-05-01, ISBN 9789004114838

    This first edition contains an elaborated version of Aristotle's "Problemata Physica" in Arabic translation by the famous ?unain ibn Ish?q and in Hebrew translation by Moses ibn Tibbon, with an introduction and glossaries.

  20. Ibn Al-Jazzār's Zād Al-Musāfir Wa-Qūt Al-ḥāḍir, Provisions for the Traveller and Nourishment for the Sedentary, B

    av Gerrit Bos

    Inbunden, Arabiska, 2015-01-01, ISBN 9789004288478

    The medical compendium entitled Zad al-musafir wa-qut al-hadir (Provisions for the Traveller and the Nourishment for the Sedentary) and compiled by Ibn al-Jazzar from Qayrawan in the tenth century is one of the most influential medical handbooks i...

  21. Bedouin Traditional Medicine in the Syrian Steppe

    av Food And Agriculture Organization Of The United Nations

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2002-07-01, ISBN 9789256047311

    This publication describes traditional knowledge related to human and veterinary medicinal uses of plants by Bedouins in the Syrian desert steppe. The information has been compiled from data collected directly from Bedouin pastoralsist and from in...

  22. Politiques de Developpement Agricole

    av Food And Agriculture Organization Of The United Nations

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2006-10-01, ISBN 9789256052070

    Le present ouvrage offre une perspective renovee et complete sur les politiques de developpement agricole. Passant en revue de facon claire et systematique les questions essentielles auxquelles sont confrontees les politiques des pays en developpe...

  23. Hatchery Culture of Bivalves

    av Food And Agriculture Organization Of The United Nations

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2007-09-01, ISBN 9789256052247

    This manual is a synthesis of current methodologies pertinent to the intensive hatchery culture of bivalve molluscs. It encompasses both the similarities and differences in approach in rearing clams, oysters and scallops in different climatic zone...

  24. The State of the World's Animal Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture - In Brief

    av Food And Agriculture Organization Of The United Nations

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2007-07-01, ISBN 9789256057631

    Sustainable management of the world's livestock genetic diversity is of vital importance to agriculture, food production, rural development and the environment. "The State of the World's Animal Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture"...

  25. The State of Food and Agriculture 2008

    av Food And Agriculture Organization Of The United Nations

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2008-08-15, ISBN 9789256059802

    Can biofuels help achieve energy security, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote rural development? Do biofuels threaten land, water, biodiversity, and food security? The State of Food and Agriculture 2008 surveys the current status of the biof...