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Naturvetenskap & teknik

Sökningen gav 79 träffar.

  1. Physics: Arabic Edition

    av Shyam Mehta

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2014-04-12, ISBN 9781291832815

    Modern physics is in a mess. More and more incredible theories are propounded about the universe consisting of strings or waves or hyper-dimensional knots or whatever. There is so much nonsense being proposed that one simply cannot believe that th...

  2. Apollonius: Conics Books V to VII

    av Gerald J Toomer

    Inbunden, Arabiska, 1990-05-01, ISBN 9780387972169

    With the publication of this book I discharge a debt which our era has long owed to the memory of a great mathematician of antiquity: to pub- lish the /llost books" of the Conics of Apollonius in the form which is the closest we have to the o...

  3. Birds of Oman

    av Michael Gallagher, Martin Woodcock

    Inbunden, Arabiska, 1986-01-01, ISBN 9780704325821
  4. Making the Most of Scarcity

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2007-09-01, ISBN 9780821370964

    Water in the Middle East and North Africa region is a source of major social and economic problems stemming from scarcity, variability, unreliable services, and environmental damage. The situation is likely to become even worse in the future, unle...

  5. من طريق الحرير الجديد إلى الجسر

    av Helga Zepp-Larouche, Michael Billington, Rachel Douglas

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2016-03-17, ISBN 9780943235318

    EIR's ROAD-MAP TO THE NEW WORLD ECONOMIC ORDER! EIR's comprehensive study of the progress of the Eurasian Land-Bridge project which Lyndon and Helga LaRouche have championed for over 20 years. The 400-page report, entitled The New Silk Road Become...

  6. 1001 Inventions: Muslim Heritage in Our World

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2013-04-01, ISBN 9780955242670
  7. 1001 Inventions: Muslim Heritage in Our World

    Inbunden, Arabiska, 2011-11-01, ISBN 9780955242687
  8. PET - Cereals West Bank and Gaza Strip

    av Ian Robinson

    Spiral bound, Arabiska, 2013-04-17, ISBN 9780956080783
  9. Calculus of Probabilities: Principles and Applications -An Arabic Textbook

    av Lahcene Abdallah Bachioua

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2012-01-07, ISBN 9781105069031

    textbook for a first course on probability theory and applications

  10. The New Year and the Clash of Calendars

    av Bassem Debbabi

    Pamphlet, Arabiska, 2013-12-06, ISBN 9781291659382

    . .

  11. More Than 60 Minutes (Arabic Edition): When Earth Stands Still

    av Mr Tarek S Niazi

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2010-11-01, ISBN 9781453806388
  12. Shumoo Wa Dumoo an Al Natharat Lil Manfaluti

    av Hasan Yahya

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2013-01-01, ISBN 9781481844314
  13. Dardashah Ma'a Jarrah: Chatting with a Surgeon

    av Dr Khalid Rida Murshid

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2014-04-01, ISBN 9781482896091
  14. On God and Secularism (Arabic Version)

    av Michael Herlache

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2013-04-01, ISBN 9781484064443
  15. Energy Subsidy Reform

    av Benedict J Clements, David Coady, Stefania Fabrizio, Sanjeev Gupta, Serge Coleridge Alleyne Trevor

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2013-12-01, ISBN 9781484389928

    Energy subsidies have wide-ranging economic consequences. Although they are aimed at protecting consumers, subsidies aggravate fiscal imbalances, crowd out priority public spending, and depress private investment, including in the energy sector. S...

  16. Concise Hydrology: The Arab World as a Model (Arabic Version)

    av Dawei Han

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2013-05-01, ISBN 9781489572196
  17. Dardashah Ma'a Jarrah

    av Dr Khalid Rida Murshid

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2013-08-23, ISBN 9781490700892

    This book, an electronic version of a previously published book which enjoyed wide acceptance and countless positive remarks, is written in Arabic in an attempt to fill in the deficiency in the Arabic library in health education books tailored to ...

  18. Short Live Networking (Arabic)

    av Humayun Bakht

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2014-05-01, ISBN 9781499507546
  19. Shakhsiyyat Islamiyyah Abu Bakr Al Razi

    av Dr Hasan Yahya

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2014-05-01, ISBN 9781499632798
  20. Al Kawakib Al Tis'ah

    av Hasan Yahya

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2014-08-01, ISBN 9781500839505
  21. World War 1 and the New Economy

    av Mamdouh Al-Shikh

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2014-08-01, ISBN 9781500963699
  22. Aircraft Heaven: Part 1 (Arabic Version)

    av Dr Martin W Oliver Phd

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2014-09-01, ISBN 9781502359278
  23. Aircraft Heaven: Part 2 (Arabic Version)

    av Dr Martin W Oliver Phd

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2014-10-01, ISBN 9781503017788
  24. Ideas and Vision for Action (Arabic)

    av Prof Isam Mohammed Abdel-Magid

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2015-08-01, ISBN 9781517010799