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Samhälle & politik

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  1. Iqtisad Al-Fuqara' (Poor Economics )

    av Esther Duflo, Abhijit Banerjee

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2016-05-19, ISBN 9789992195246

    Billions of government dollars and thousands of charitable organizations and NGOs are dedicated to helping the world's poor. But much of the work they do is based on assumptions that are untested generalizations at best, flat out harmful mispercep...

  2. The Life and Times of Shaikh Salman Bin Hamad Al-Khalifa

    av Andrew Wheatcroft

    Inbunden, Arabiska, 1995-01-01, ISBN 9780710305114

    The emergence of the Gulf States as important players on the world stage has been one of the most significant historical economic events of the modern era, and among the Gulf States the development of the State of Bahrain in this century is truly ...

  3. Kenana

    av Osman El Nazir

    Inbunden, Arabiska, 2001-01-01, ISBN 9780710307231
  4. Unlocking Land Values to Finance Urban Infrastructure

    av George E Peterson

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2010-11-15, ISBN 9780821383285

    Land-based financing of urban infrastructure is growing in importance in the developing world. Why is it so difficult to finance urban infrastructure investment, when land values typically increase by more than the cost of investment? 'Unlocking L...

  5. Rights-Based Approaches- Arabic

    av Jude Rand

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2008-06-01, ISBN 9780855986100
  6. Impact Measurement and Accountability in Emergencies (Arabic)

    av Oxfam

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2007-12-01, ISBN 9780855986186
  7. Classical Poems by Arab Women

    av Abdullah Al-Udhari

    Häftad, Arabiska, 1999-12-01, ISBN 9780863560477

    Arab women poets have been around since the earliest of times, yet their diwans (collected poems) were not given the same consideration as their male counterparts'. Spanning 5,000 years, from the pre-Islamic to the Andalusian periods, Classical Po...

  8. State of World Population

    av United Nations

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2006-11-01, ISBN 9780897147750
  9. State of World Population

    av United Nations

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2006-11-01, ISBN 9780897147927
  10. State of the World Population Report

    av United Nations

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2007-07-01, ISBN 9780897148108
  11. 600 Mulla Nasreddin Tales

    av Muhammad Ramazani

    Häftad, Arabiska, 1997-01-01, ISBN 9780936347097

    Text in Arabic.

  12. Wounded Healers &; Reconciliation Fatigue (Arabic Edition)

    av Bryan Mark Urbsaitis

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2014-10-22, ISBN 9780985268831
  13. Life After Democracy

    av Michael Davis

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2014-04-01, ISBN 9780992634582
  14. Ghassan Yabtasem

    av Adli Hawwari

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2016-04-30, ISBN 9780993240836
  15. Hal Man Yasghy?

    av Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2017-11-30, ISBN 9780993584534
  16. U...U UaUeU... OU O OO UeO(r) O'U O OU U...UCO UeO Ue (1364-1442) U...O-OUeU O O O-U UeU UeO U O O UeO OU O OO UeO(r) O'U O OU U...O O O(r)UeU OU U...OU U...UeU OU U...O OGBPO(r)O UeU

    av Mohyeddine Dalil Essakali

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2014-02-28, ISBN 9781291761368

    OOU OO OU O OU Ue OO'UeUa OU Ue O OU UeO* OU O UeO! O'U Ue O'O(r)O UeO OU U...UCO UeO Ue OU U...O O O(r) OU U...O O Ue OU OdegreeUe O'OO' U...O OUeU OU UCO U OU O OOO' O'O'O Ue OU UCO U OU O(r)OU...O O'O'O Oi UeUaOU UaOdegreeO OU UEO OO OU Ue U Ua...

  17. The Alif Laila

    av Anonymous

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2014-02-27, ISBN 9781293763193
  18. Kurdistan and Oil Problem

    av Sardar Pishdare

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2008-06-01, ISBN 9781434381446
  19. 'Ilm 'Ijtima Tatbeeqi - Applied Sociology: In Arabic

    av Hasan Yahya

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2008-10-01, ISBN 9781440435959
  20. Research Methods in Social Sciences: In Arabic

    av Hasan Yahya

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2008-10-01, ISBN 9781440435966
  21. Adwa' ALA L- Fikr Al-Gharbi: Western Social Thought - In Arabic

    av Hasan Yahya

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2008-10-01, ISBN 9781440436604
  22. Tales from America: Arab - American Issues (in Arabic)

    av Hasan Yahya Ph D

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2008-10-01, ISBN 9781440443916
  23. Crescentology & Human Nature: Arabic Version

    av Hasan Yahya Phd

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2008-11-01, ISBN 9781440459764
  24. Expanding Opportunities for the Next Generation

    av Safaa El-Kogali, Caroline Krafft

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2015-11-19, ISBN 9781464807367

    This book assesses the state of early childhood development (ECD) in MENA from before birth through age five, examining multiple dimensions of early development including health, nutrition, socio-emotional development, early learning, and early work.

  25. The Autumn of Popes: May the Pope Shenouda Be the Last Pope?

    av Mamdouh Al-Shikh

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2012-05-01, ISBN 9781477459041
  26. Culture of Peace

    av Mamdouh Al-Shikh

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2012-06-01, ISBN 9781477578926
  27. Secret Society State: Primitive Remarks

    av Mamdouh Al-Shikh

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2012-06-01, ISBN 9781477629109