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  1. 'Umar Ibn Al-farid

    av 'Umar Ibn 'Ali Ibn Al-Farid, Sibt Ibn Al-Farid

    Inbunden, Arabiska, 1980-01-01, ISBN 9780809105281

    Umar Ibn al-Farid (b. 576 [hijri date]/1181 CE; d. 632 [hijri date]/1235 is the most venerated mystical poet in Arabic. An accomplished Sufi as well as a respected poet, his poetry blends the two traditions -- classical Arabic poetry and Islamic m...

  2. The Imagination Unbound

    av Kamal Abu-Deeb

    Inbunden, Arabiska, 2007-06-01, ISBN 9780863566363

    Contrary to common perception, the fantastic in literature was not a modern European invention. Rather, the fantastic is present in Arabic narrative dating to the ninth century. The 'imagination unbound' can even be traced back to pre-Islamic myth...

  3. The Travels of Ibn Jubayr

    av William Wright

    Inbunden, Arabiska, 2007-06-01, ISBN 9780906094457

    Abu 'l-Husayn Muhammad ibn Ahmad ibn Jubayr, usually known simply as Ibn Jubayr, came from an Arab family long settled in Spain. In February 1183 he set out from Granada to perform the pilgrimage to Mecca. His fame chiefly rests on the account he ...

  4. Studies in Literature, Criticism and Translation

    av Salman D Al-Wasiti

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2010-07-22, ISBN 9780755212484

    The book contains a number of academic studies written in Arabic and English by Professor Salman D. Al-Wasiti over a span of three decades, covering the fields of literature, criticism and translation. The book makes a valuable reading to all thos...

  5. Kitab Al-Nasikh Wa-l-Mmansukh of Abu 'Ubaid Al-Qasim B. Sallam

    av Abu 'Ubaid Al-Qasim Ibn Sallam, John Burton

    Inbunden, Arabiska, 1987-01-01, ISBN 9780906094174

    The term nakikh wa mansukh, usually translated as 'abrogation', relates to theories arising from the early exegesis of the Qur'an, in an attempt to resolve apparent contradictions in the Qur'anic text between different statements, especially those...

  6. The Ayyubids and Early Rasulids in the Yemen (567694/11731295): v. 1 Kitab Al-Simt Al-Ghali Al-Thaman Fi Akhbar Al-Muluk Min Al-Ghuzz Bi'l-Yaman, Badr Al-Din Muhammad B. Hatim Al-Yami Al-Hamdani -

    av G R Smith

    Inbunden, Arabiska, 1974-01-01, ISBN 9780906094297

    Muhammad b. Hatim's chronicle, is the fullest and best historical source on Yemen for the period it covers, from the conquest of Yemen by Saladin's brother Turanshah to the author's own time, by which the Rasulids, who had come to the country as f...

  7. The Manuscript of Al-Malik Al-Afdal

    av Daniel Martin Varisco, Professor G Rex Smith

    Inbunden, Arabiska, 1998-01-01, ISBN 9780906094327

    The author was a sultan of the Rasulid house in the Yemen (626858/12281454), a dynasty much renowned for its intellectual pursuits. His talents spanned many disciplines, thus this is a collection of works on agriculture, animals, astrology, astron...

  8. The Uddat Al-jalis of Ibn Bishri

    av A Jones

    Inbunden, Arabiska, 1992-01-01, ISBN 9780906094402

    The 'Uddat al-jalis is an anthology of outstanding literary importance, probably the most valuable work of Arabic poetry to surface in this century. It contains the largest and best collection of Andalusian Arabic muwashshahat, 354 in all, of whic...

  9. Altarabische Diiamben - Primary Source Edition

    av Rudolf Eugen Geyer

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2013-10-17, ISBN 9781293033012
  10. Hay Bin Yaqzan-Ibn Tufayl Al-Andalusi

    av Hasan Yahya, Dr Hasan Yahya

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2012-04-01, ISBN 9781475268805
  11. Kalila & Dimna Ibn Al-Muqaffa?

    av Dr Hasan Yahya

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2012-04-01, ISBN 9781475268867
  12. Prince of Poets: Ahmed Shawki

    av Mamdouh Al-Shikh

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2012-06-01, ISBN 9781477626771
  13. Deconstruction: From Philosophy to Literary Criticism

    av Mamdouh Al-Shikh

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2012-06-01, ISBN 9781477661642
  14. Shu'ara Al Arab Tarfah Ibn Al Abd

    av Hasan Yahya

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2014-07-01, ISBN 9781499785210
  15. Arlokan a Play by Marivaux

    av Haiba Elhairech

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2014-12-01, ISBN 9781505643268
  16. Alfyl Alazrq W Alnmlat Alkhdra

    av Hassan Ali Al-Sahaf

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2015-07-01, ISBN 9781505986488
  17. The Chronicles of the Syrian Revolution

    av Tarif Youssef Agha

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2017-05-01, ISBN 9781547086351
  18. Questions and Their Retinue

    av Hatif Janabi, Khaled Mattawa

    Inbunden, Arabiska, 1996-08-01, ISBN 9781557284310

    Janabi's poems are passionate, jolting, apocolyptic, and painful. They deal with war, death, perception, and truth, drawing from his family life, his exile in Poland, violence in Iraq, and his experience in the United States.

  19. Questions and Their Retinue

    av Hatif Janabi, Khaled Mattawa

    Häftad, Arabiska, 1996-07-01, ISBN 9781557284327

    Janabi's poems are passionate, jolting, apocolyptic, and painful. They deal with war, death, perception, and truth, drawing from his family life, his exile in Poland, violence in Iraq, and his experience in the United States.

  20. The Kingdom of Strangers

    av Ilyaas Khaurai, Paula Haydar

    Häftad, Arabiska, 1996-06-01, ISBN 9781557284341

    This Mosaic portrayal of its author's native Lebanon besieged by civil war . . . expands into a generalized examination of chaos and despair suffered by families everywhere . . . . -Kirkus Reviews

  21. Saud al-Sanousi's Saaq al-Bambuu

    av Saud Al-Sanousi, Laila Familiar, Tanit Assaf

    Inbunden, Arabiska, 2016-10-02, ISBN 9781626163973

    Saaq al-Bambuu (The Bamboo Stalk) by Kuwaiti novelist Saud al-Sanousi provides students at the intermediate-advanced Arabic language level the opportunity to engage with an award-winning work of contemporary fiction. This abridged version has been...

  22. Hoda Barakat's Sayyidi wa Habibi

    av Hoda Barakat, Laila Familiar

    Inbunden, Arabiska, 2016-09-21, ISBN 9781626164604

    Sayyidi wa Habibi (My Master and My Love) is a novel by acclaimed Lebanese author Hoda Barakat, abridged in the original Arabic in this volume for learners of Arabic at the advanced low proficiency level. Designed as a supplementary text that adds...

  23. Dhilalul Arooz: v. 2

    av Mohammad Sadiq Al-Karbassi, Dr Abdul Aziz Chibeen

    Inbunden, Arabiska, 2014-06-01, ISBN 9781784039905
  24. Dhilalul Arooz: v. 3

    av Mohammad Sadiq Al-Karbassi, Abdelaziz Chebbine

    Inbunden, Arabiska, 2014-12-01, ISBN 9781784039912
  25. The Poets' Geography

    av Annemarie Schimmel

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2000-02-01, ISBN 9781788146531
  26. Meccan Romantic (Ghazal) Poets During Umayyad Period

    av Yosuf Bakkar

    Häftad, Arabiska, 2009-02-02, ISBN 9781788146579
  27. The Unique Necklace: v. 2

    av Ibn `Abd Rabbih

    Inbunden, Arabiska, 2009-03-01, ISBN 9781859641965

    "Al-Iqd al-Farid" ("The Unique Necklace"), translated now for the first time into English, is one of the classics of Arabic literature. Compiled in several volumes by an Andalusian scholar and poet named Ibn 'Abd Rabbih (246-32...