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Psykologi & pedagogik

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  1. Strengthsfinder 2.0:A New and Upgraded Edition of the Online Test from Gallup's Now Discover Your Strengths

    av Rath T

    Häftad, Engelska, 2007-09-01, ISBN 9781595620156
    (6 röster)

    DO YOU DO WHAT YOU DO BEST EVERY DAY?<br>Chances are, you don't. From the cradle to the cubicle, we devote more time to fixing our shortcomings than to developing our strengths.<br>To help people uncover their talents, Gallup introduce...

  2. Structured Analytic Techniques for Intelligence Analysis

    av Richards J Heuer Jr

    Spiral bound, Engelska, 2014-07-02, ISBN 9781452241517

    This book showcases fifty-five structured analytic techniques—five new to this edition—that represent the most current best practices in intelligence, law enforcement, homeland security, and business analysis. With much more depth, det...

  3. Voice Rehabilitation: Testing Hypotheses And Reframing Therapy

    av Celia F Stewart, Elizabeth L Allen, Irene F Kling

    Häftad, Engelska, 2015-03-12, ISBN 9781284077469

    Voice Rehabilitation: Testing Hypotheses and Reframing Therapy offersa patient-centered, hypothesis-driven framework for clinicians beginningto practice voice rehabilitation as well as practicing clinicians who continueto develop their skills. Thi...

  4. Forgotten Connections

    av Klaus Mollenhauer, Norm Friesen

    Häftad, Engelska, 2016-01-21, ISBN 9781138652224

    Klaus Mollenhauer's Forgotten Connections: On Culture and Upbringing is internationally regarded as one of the most important German contributions to educational and curriculum theory in the 20th century. Appearing here in English for the first ti...

  5. Foundations of Sport and Exercise Psychology

    av Robert S Weinberg, Daniel Gould

    Häftad, Engelska, 2014-11-11, ISBN 9781450469814

    This is the bestselling text in sport and exercise psychology. As the leading text in sport and exercise psychology, Foundations of Sport and Exercise Psychology provides a thorough introduction to key concepts in the field and draws connections b...

  6. Discovering Statistics Using IBM SPSS Statistics

    av Andy Field

    Häftad, Engelska, 2017-11-28, ISBN 9781526419521

    With an exciting new look, new characters to meet, and its unique combination of humour and step-by-step instruction, this award-winning book is the statistics lifesaver for everyone. From initial theory through to regression, factor analysis and ...

  7. Lewis's Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

    av Andres Martin, Fred R Volkmar, Michael H Bloch

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2017-09-01, ISBN 9781496345493

    For 25 years, Lewis's Child and Adolescent Psychiatry has been the cornerstone of every child and adolescent psychiatrist's library. Now, three colleagues of Dr. Lewis at the world-renowned Yale Child Study Center, have substantially updated and r...

  8. Child Development

    av Laura E Berk

    Häftad, Engelska, 2012-03-14, ISBN 9780205197668
    (2 röster)

    A best-selling, topically organized child development text, Berks Child Development is relied on in classrooms worldwide for its clear, engaging writing style, exceptional cross-cultural and multi-cultural focus, rich examples, and long-standing c...

  9. Principles of Cognitive Neuroscience

    av Dale Purves, Elizabeth Brannon, Roberto Cabeza, Scott A Huettel, Kevin Labar

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2012-11-01, ISBN 9780878935734
    (1 röst)

    Written by seven leading authors, the text covers the growing subject of cognitive neuroscience and makes clear the many challenges that remain to be solved. Now, in this second edition, the text has been streamlined to 15 chapters for ease of ref...

  10. Psychological Assessment with the MMPI-2/MMPI-2-RF

    av Alan F Friedman, P Kevin Bolinskey, Richard W Levak, David S Nichols

    Häftad, Engelska, 2014-09-01, ISBN 9780415526333

    This third edition apprises users of the MMPI-2/MMPI-2-Restructured Form (RF) for the ever-changing landscape of this dynamic personality/psychopathology instrument and its expanding utility in a variety of contexts. Two new chapters addressing th...

  11. Statistical Methods for Psychology, International Edition

    av David Howell

    Häftad, Engelska, 2012-01-23, ISBN 9781111840853
    (1 röst)

    STATISTICAL METHODS FOR PSYCHOLOGY, 8E, International Edition surveys the statistical techniques commonly used in the behavioral and social sciences, especially psychology and education. To help students gain a better understanding of the specific...

  12. Sex And Love Addicts Anonymous

    av The Augustine Fellowship

    Häftad, Engelska, 1987-01-01, ISBN 9780961570118
    (1 röst)
  13. Research Design in Clinical Psychology: Pearson New International Edition

    av Alan E Kazdin

    Häftad, Engelska, 2013-11-01, ISBN 9781292042787
    (1 röst)

    In this successful text, Kazdin describes research methods in psychology and provides criteria for conducting and evaluating clinical research. This text's emphasis is on clinical psychology, but the issues and methods it discusses are relevant to...

  14. An Introduction to Social Psychology

    av Miles Hewstone, Wolfgang Stroebe, Klaus Jonas

    Häftad, Engelska, 2015-12-01, ISBN 9781118823538

    For over 25 years An Introduction to Social Psychology has been combining traditional academic rigor with a contemporary level of cohesion, accessibility, pedagogy and instructor support to provide a definitive guide to the engaging and ever-evolv...

  15. Developmental Psychology

    av Patrick Leman

    Häftad, Engelska, 2012-01-16, ISBN 9780077126162

    developmental psychology combines the best of two worlds in an accessible, research-oriented new textbook, adapted from the popular US text by Parke and Gauvain. It brings an international outlook to the subject, providing broader coverage of topi...

  16. Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytic Therapies

    av Jeremy D Safran

    Häftad, Engelska, 2011-12-15, ISBN 9781433809781
    (2 röster)

    In Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytic Therapies, Jeremy D. Safran discusses this uniquely influential theory and set of approaches. Initially founded on the principles and practice of Sigmund Freud, these therapies and psychoanalytic theory have be...

  17. Theories of Learning and Studies of Instructional Practice

    av Timothy D Koschmann

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2011-04-22, ISBN 9781441975812

    This is a book about an attempt to change the way math was taught in a particular classroom. Its title plays on our everyday usage of the terms theory and practice. In education, these terms are conventionally treated oppositionally-we have theori...

  18. Psychoanalytic Diagnosis

    av Nancy McWilliams

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2011-07-14, ISBN 9781609184940
    (2 röster)

    This acclaimed clinical guide and widely adopted text has filled a key need in the field since its original publication. Nancy McWilliams makes psychoanalytic personality theory and its implications for practice accessible to practitioners of all ...

  19. Criminology of Homicidal Poisoning

    av Michael Farrell

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2017-07-04, ISBN 9783319591162

    This book provides an overview of historical and contemporary cases of homicidal poisoning. While homicidal poisoning is sometimes thought of as a thing of the past, it continues to be a contemporary problem, and in fact the unknown offender rate ...

  20. The Secret

    av Rhonda Byrne

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2006-12-01, ISBN 9781847370297
    (10 röster)

    Once known only by an elite who were unwilling to share their knowledge of the power, "the secret" of obtaining anything you desire is now revealed by prominent physicists, authors and philosophers as being based in the universal Law of Attraction...

  21. Understanding Voice Problems

    av Raymond H Colton, Janina K Casper, Rebecca Leonard

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2011-02-01, ISBN 9781609138745

    Understanding Voice Problems: A Physiological Perspective for Diagnosis and Treatment emphasizes the physiological perspective of voice disorders-and the behavioral and emotional factors that can influence these changes. Readers will find a strong...

  22. Clinical Manual for Assessment and Treatment of Suicidal Patients

    av John A Chiles, Kirk D Strosahl

    Häftad, Engelska, 2004-09-01, ISBN 9781585621408
    (1 röst)

    The cornerstone of any intervention approach with suicidal patients is the recognition and treatment of psychiatric disorders. For many patients, however, treating the mental illness is not enough -- that is, suicidal behavior is not necessarily r...

  23. Youth Cultures

    av Kerry Mallan, Sharyn Pearce

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2003-01-01, ISBN 9780275974091

    The contributors to this volume present challenging ways of applying critical ideas and theoretical frameworks to the crucial issues that surround youth and the cultures they inhabit as evidenced in their literature, magazines, computer games, fil...

  24. Drive

    av Daniel H Pink

    Häftad, Engelska, 2011-01-01, ISBN 9781847677693
    (5 röster)

    A BOOK THAT WILL CHANGE HOW YOU THINK AND TRANSFORM HOW YOU LIVEForget everything you thought you knew about how to motivate people - at work, at school, at home. As Daniel H. Pink explains in this paradigm-shattering book, the true secret to high...

  25. Memory

    av Alan Baddeley, Michael W Eysenck, Michael C Anderson

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2014-11-11, ISBN 9781848721838

    This best-selling textbook presents a comprehensive and accessible overview of the study of memory. Written by three of the world's leading researchers in the field, it contains everything the student needs to know about the scientific approach to...

  26. Mindset

    av Carol S Dweck

    Häftad, Engelska, 2008-02-01, ISBN 9780345472328
    (5 röster)

    World-renowned Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck, in decades of research on achievement and success, has discovered a truly groundbreaking idea-the power of our mindset. Dweck explains why it's not just our abilities and talent that bri...

  27. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing

    av Marie Kondo

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2014-10-01, ISBN 9781607747307
    (15 röster)

    Presents a guide to cleaning and organizing a living space, discussing best methods for decluttering and the impact that an organized home can have on mood and physical and mental health

  28. Discipline Equals Freedom

    av Jocko Willink

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2017-10-17, ISBN 9781250156945

    Jocko Willink's methods for success were born in the SEAL Teams, where he spent most of his adult life, enlisting after high school and rising through the ranks to become the commander of the most highly decorated special operations unit of the wa...

  29. Huntington Disease

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2017-10-24, ISBN 9780128018934

    Huntington Disease summarizes the most recent findings related to the disease, providing both cutting edge coverage for clinical/research specialists looking to expand their knowledge base of Huntington disease information, as well as solid ground...

  30. A Problem-Solving Approach to Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers (Scandinavian Edition)

    av Rick Billstein, Shlomo Libeskind, Johnny W Lott

    Häftad, Engelska, 2015-07-01, ISBN 9781784480431
    (5 röster)

    A Problem Solving Approach to Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers has always reflected the content and processes set forth in todays new state mathematics standards and the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). In the Twelfth Edition, the aut...