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  1. An Introduction to Geographical Information Systems

    av Ian Heywood

    Häftad, Engelska, 2011-06-23, ISBN 9780273722595
    (1 röst)

    The fourth edition of this highly regarded and successful text continues to provide a clear and accessible introduction to the world of GIS for students and professionals. Focusing on the practical applications of GIS, this book features a we...

  2. Champagne hiking : the 100 best Champange locations in the World

    av Richard Juhlin

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2017-12-13, ISBN 9789198287349

    Why Champagne Hiking? My hunt for new champagne experiences has brought me to the most beautiful and exciting places. My favourite memories are linked to the moments when I enjoyed well selected champagnes in harmony with the beauty of nature. For...

  3. Last night in Sweden (English language edition)

    av Petter Karlsson

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2017-08-22, ISBN 9789171264305

    Many of Sweden"s top photographers have contributed to this collection of images of entirely ordinary evenings in Sweden. They depict things that normally never make the front pages - people relaxing and working, everyday events and everyday ...

  4. Lonely Planet Sri Lanka

    av Lonely Planet

    Häftad, Engelska, 2018-01-01, ISBN 9781786572578

    14th edition. A guide to its National Parks and safaris, together with a fully illustrated architecture feature.

  5. Atlas of Remote Islands: Fifty Islands I Have Never Set Foot on and Never Will

    av Judith Schalansky

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2010-10-01, ISBN 9780143118206
    (4 röster)

    Visually stunning and uniquely designed, this wondrous book captures 50 islands that are far away in every sense--from the mainland, from people, from airports, and from holiday brochures.

  6. Harry Potter - A History of Magic

    av British Library

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2017-10-01, ISBN 9781408890769
    (1 röst)

    Harry Potter: A History of Magic is the official book of the exhibition, a once-in-a-lifetime collaboration between Bloomsbury, J.K. Rowling and the brilliant curators of the British Library. It promises to take readers on a fascinating journey th...

  7. Madeira

    av John Underwood, Pat Underwood

    Häftad, Engelska, 2017-02-16, ISBN 9781856914987
    (1 röst)
  8. Lonely Planet Florida

    av Lonely Planet

    Häftad, Engelska, 2018-01-01, ISBN 9781786572561

    8th edition.

  9. Lonely Planet Cuba

    av Lonely Planet

    Häftad, Engelska, 2017-10-01, ISBN 9781786571496

    9th edition. The #1 bestselling guide to Cuba, it includes information on Cuban music and dance, together with a walking tour of Old Havana.

  10. Lonely Planet Iceland

    av Lonely Planet

    Häftad, Engelska, 2017-05-01, ISBN 9781786574718

    Full-colour pull-out map; Ring Road planner; Guide to the best hot springs; Outdoor activities feature

  11. Lonely Planet New York City

    av Lonely Planet, Regis St Louis, Cristian Bonetto, Zora O'Neill

    Häftad, Engelska, 2016-08-03, ISBN 9781743601198

    Lonely Planet: The world's leading travel guide publisher Lonely Planet New York City is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Discover the kaleidoscopic dining scene;...

  12. The World Atlas of Coffee

    av James Hoffmann

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2014-10-06, ISBN 9781845337872
    (2 röster)

    Coffee has never been better, or more interesting, than it is today. Coffee producers have access to more varieties and techniques than ever before and we, as consumers, can share in that expertise to make sure the coffee we drink is the best we c...

  13. Visual Atlas of the World

    av National Geographic

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2017-09-19, ISBN 9781426218385

    Reimagined and completely updated for the first time since 2008, National Geographic's visual atlas of the world will delight and inspire. From spectacular space imagery to UNESCO World Heritage Sites, this stunning book showcases the diverse natu...

  14. The Atlas of Beauty

    av Mihaela Noroc

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2017-09-26, ISBN 9781846149412
    (3 röster)

    Photographs and stories of 500 women from around the world, based on the author's hugely popular website.Since 2013 Mihaela Noroc has travelled the world with her backpack and camera taking photos of everyday women to showcase the diversity and be...

  15. Lonely Planet Japan

    av Lonely Planet

    Häftad, Engelska, 2017-08-01, ISBN 9781786570352
    (3 röster)

    Japan is a world apart - a cultural Galapagos where a unique civilisation blossomed, and which today embodies delicious contrasts of traditional and modern. The Japanese spirit is strong, warm and incredibly welcoming. Covering the best winter ski...

  16. Lonely Planet New Zealand

    av Lonely Planet, Charles Rawlings-Way, Brett Atkinson, Sarah Bennett, Peter Dragicevich

    Häftad, Engelska, 2016-09-05, ISBN 9781786570246

    Lonely Planet: The world's leading travel guide publisher Lonely Planet New Zealand is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Experience Maori culture, be wowed by beau...

  17. Paris

    av Megan Hess

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2017-10-01, ISBN 9781743792476

    Paris is the epitome of style, an epicentre of elegance - a must-see on every fashion-lover's list. But where to visit, and what to do? With her inimitable fashion eye, internationally acclaimed illustrator Megan Hess takes you on a personal tour ...

  18. DK Eyewitness Travel Guide Costa Rica

    av Dk Publishing

    Häftad, Engelska, 2016-07-22, ISBN 9780241209486

    The ideal travel companion, full of insider advice on what to see and do, plus detailed itineraries and comprehensive maps for exploring this breathtakingly beautiful country.Zipline across the rainforest canopy at Parque Nacional Volcan Arenal, m...

  19. In the Spirit of St. Tropez

    av Henry-Jean Servat

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2003-04-01, ISBN 9782843235061

    The best stories. A village that caresses the eye and attracted a host of artists at he turn of the twentieth century. A village whose heyday came in the middle of the 1950s, when a young Franco-Russian filmmaker brought cameras and crew to its su...

  20. Travel Book, The

    av Lonely Planet

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2016-10-14, ISBN 9781786571205

    Lonely Planet: The world's leading travel guide publisher Take a journey through every country in the world. 850 images. 230 countries. One complete picture. With details of every United Nations-approved country in the world, and a few more princi...

  21. World, The

    av Lonely Planet

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2017-10-01, ISBN 9781786576538

    Encompasses every country on the planet, in one accessible guidebook. With maps, colour photos, practical information and a great overview of each destination.

  22. Epic Drives of the World

    av Lonely Planet

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2017-08-01, ISBN 9781786578648

    Buckle up for the next instalment of Lonely Planet's Epic series: Epic Drives of the World. This beautifully illustrated hardcover features 50 classic road trips across the world, with 150 additional suggestions for both long and short drives. Eac...

  23. Lonely Planet Indonesia

    av Lonely Planet, Loren Bell, Stuart Butler, Trent Holden, Anna Kaminski

    Häftad, Engelska, 2016-07-06, ISBN 9781743210284

    #1 best-selling guide to Indonesia* Lonely Planet Indonesia is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Take in a traditional gamelan performance, laze on hidden beaches,...

  24. Escape

    av Gray Malin Enterprises Inc, Gray Malin Enterprises Inc

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2017-10-03, ISBN 9781419727597

    Gray Malin collection of incredible beach photography was a runaway hit. Now, in this follow-up to his 2016 bestseller, the it-photographer takes his astonishing aerial skills beyond the beach. Shot from doorless helicopters, these awe-inspiring i...

  25. The Light of London

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2012-05-10, ISBN 9781614280422

    In the twilight of dawn, when the stately avenues and gritty side streets are empty and silent, London's smorgasbord of architecture both medieval and modern can be seen with new eyes. London's legendary fogs have long since dissipated, but the ci...

  26. Lonely Planet Australia

    av Lonely Planet

    Häftad, Engelska, 2017-11-01, ISBN 9781786572370

    Revised and updated 19th edition, it is packed with colour and information on everything from beaches to bushwalks and the best spots for food and drink.

  27. Lonely Planet Peru

    av Lonely Planet, Carolyn McCarthy, Greg Benchwick, Alex Egerton, Phillip Tang

    Häftad, Engelska, 2016-04-06, ISBN 9781743215579
    (1 röst)

    # 1 best-selling guide to Peru * Lonely Planet Peru is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Trek the ancient Inca trail, puzzle over the mystery of the Nasca lines, w...

  28. Lonely Planet South India &; Kerala

    av Lonely Planet

    Häftad, Engelska, 2017-10-01, ISBN 9781786571489

    Three updated regional travel guides. 9th edition.

  29. Chic Stays

    av Melinda Stevens

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2016-09-30, ISBN 9781614285373
    (1 röst)

    Take a tour of the world's most beautiful hotels with your favorite actors, writers, musicians, and models in Chic Stays. From Jeremy Irons's historical Palacio Belmonte escape in Lisbon, to the beaches of Kate Winslet's secret Sco ish hideaway of...