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  1. Prego 1 Allt i ett-bok inkl. ljudfiler för eleven

    av Britta Mangili, Serena Prina

    Häftad, Italienska, 2006-02-01, ISBN 9789162260002
    (18 röster)

    Prego 1 är avsedd för kursen Italienska 1. Prego 1 ger nybörjaren en snabb start i språket tack vare dialoger med vardagligt språk och tydlig arbetsordning. Alla unitā består av ett antal texter, indelade i följande kategorier: Da imparare - Texte...

  2. Modern italiensk grammatik:

    Modern italiensk grammatik Övningsbok med Facit

    av Tore Edström, Jan-Anders Hedenquist, Mats Forsgren

    Häftad, Italienska, 2011-08-22, ISBN 9789147021208
    (7 röster)

    Modern italiensk grammatik finns nu i en ny upplaga. I den har vissa regler och många exempel moderniserats och förtydligats. Innehållet i övrigt är detsamma som i tidigare upplagor. Modern italiensk grammatik är skriven för alla kategorier av ita...

  3. Prego 1 Elevfacit

    av Britta Mangili, Serena Prina

    Häftad, Italienska, 2006-03-01, ISBN 9789162261986
    (3 röster)

    Elevfacit har lösningar till samtliga uppgifter och översättning av al la Da imparare- texter.

  4. Il Piccolo Principe

    av Antoine De Saint-Exupery

    Häftad, Italienska, 2014-09-16, ISBN 9781291683035

    Il piccolo principe (Le Petit Prince) e l'opera piu conosciuta di Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Pubblicato il 6 aprile 1943 da Reynal & Hitchcock in inglese, e qualche giorno dopo in francese, e un racconto molto poetico che, nella forma di un'ope...

  5. La Principessa e Il Drago

    av Audrey Wood

    Häftad, Italienska, 1990-12-01, ISBN 9780859535717

    When a princess who behaves like a dragon meets a dragon who behaves like a princess, who knows what will happen! The Princess and the Dragon story is accompanied by a language game, a character mask book and fabulous hand puppets. Everything to i...

  6. Imparare Leggendo

    av S Ciani

    Mixed media product, Italienska, 2000-07-01, ISBN 9788853002419
  7. Collins Express Italian Dictionary

    Häftad, Italienska, 2006-01-01, ISBN 9780007223947

    A Offers coverage of contemporary Italian and English with many constructions and phrases. This dictionary features clear signposting of meanings and context to guide the user to the appropriate translation. It includes special treatment of key vo...

  8. Easy Learning Italian Conversation (Collins Easy Learning Italian) E-bok

    av Collins

    E-bok, Italienska, 2011-07-28, ISBN 9780007444557

    Easy Learning Italian Conversation is a unique guide to communicating in Italian. It will help you to find out more about Italian culture and to practise your spoken Italian with a free downloadable audio file.Collins Easy Learning Italian Convers...

  9. Easy Learning Italian Words (Collins Easy Learning Italian) E-bok

    av Collins

    E-bok, Italienska, 2011-09-25, ISBN 9780007444625

    Collins Easy Learning Italian Words helps you build up your vocabulary and is the ideal companion to any titles of the ever-popular Easy Learning Italian range.Collins Easy Learning Italian Words is designed for learners of Italian of all ages, wh...

  10. Easy Learning Italian Verbs (Collins Easy Learning Italian) E-bok

    av Collins

    E-bok, Italienska, 2011-07-28, ISBN 9780007444748

    Collins Easy Learning Italian Verbs offers beginners a clear and easy-to-understand guide to Italian verbs.The main section of the book consists of 120 fully conjugated verbs, regular and irregular. Each is self-contained, showing all the major te...

  11. Easy Learning Italian Grammar (Collins Easy Learning Italian) E-bok

    av Collins

    E-bok, Italienska, 2011-10-31, ISBN 9780007444755

    Collins Easy Learning Italian Grammar offers beginners a clear and easy-to-understand guide to the verbs and grammar of Italian.Collins Easy Learning Italian Grammar has been designed for all those learning Italian at school, at work or at home. I...

  12. Easy Learning Italian Conversation (Collins Easy Learning Italian) E-bok

    av Collins Dictionaries

    E-bok, Italienska, 2015-05-07, ISBN 9780008118808

    A unique guide to communicating in Italian. It will help you to find out more about Italian culture and to practise your spoken Italian with a free downloadable audio file.An ideal tool for learners of Italian at all levels, whether at school, in ...

  13. Easy Learning Italian Vocabulary (Collins Easy Learning Italian) E-bok

    av Collins Dictionaries

    E-bok, Italienska, 2016-05-05, ISBN 9780008142070

    The quickest way to study Italian vocabulary and the perfect companion to titles in the ever-popular Easy Learning Italian range.Designed for learners of Italian of all ages, whether you are learning at school, in an evening class, for business or...

  14. Nel Paese Di Pitagoria

    av Stefania Contardi

    Pamphlet, Italienska, 2017-05-13, ISBN 9780244007409
  15. Storia Di Gatto E Luna

    av Silvana Mariani

    Häftad, Italienska, 2017-10-05, ISBN 9780244337490
  16. Te Lo Dico Con Una Matita

    av Laura Landini

    Häftad, Italienska, 2017-06-15, ISBN 9780244907754
  17. Bambino Che Non Voleva Parlare

    av Stefania Contardi

    Häftad, Italienska, 2017-05-15, ISBN 9780244907778
  18. Due: Libro dello studente

    av Gruppo Meta

    Häftad, Italienska, 1996-05-01, ISBN 9780521578097

    Due is the second and final stage of a communicative course in Italian. The first stage, Uno, assumes no previous knowledge of Italian, and provides the student with the language structures and vocabulary to handle the demands of everyday situatio...

  19. Ramona Empieza El Curso

    av B Cleary

    Häftad, Italienska, 1997-12-01, ISBN 9780688154875

    Ramona Quimby, uno de los personajes mAs queridos de la literatura infantil, empieza el tercer grado con una maestra nueva que los llama "chices." Nuestra incontrolable heroIna se enfrenta a un reto tras otro, desde lavarse la cabeza con...

  20. Clouds for Breakfast Italian/English Edition

    av Laura Eisen

    Häftad, Italienska, 2015-01-01, ISBN 9780692270752
  21. Coccolata

    av Anna Devincentis

    Häftad, Italienska, 2017-03-01, ISBN 9780692870914
  22. It Happened to Nancy: By an Anonymous Teenager

    av Dathan Sheranian, Beatrice Sparks, Anonymous

    Inbunden, Italienska, 1994-03-01, ISBN 9780785720737

    For use in schools and libraries only. A teenage victim of AIDS recounts her battle with the disease in her diary, describing her first love, the night she was date-raped, her diagnosis, and her thoughts and dreams.


    av N McGraw-Hill Education, A

    Häftad, Italienska, 2001-01-01, ISBN 9780844280608

    This delightful book will provide young learners of Italian with hours of enjoyment as they color and learn practical Italian vocabulary words. Organized alphabetically, the Let's Learn Italian Coloring Book introduces children to simple, eve...

  24. La Vita Musicale Della Talpa Gustavo

    Häftad, Italienska, 1990-12-01, ISBN 9780859535502

    Gustav Mole is lucky enough to be born into a musical family, and this charming tale traces the enriching role that music plays in his life. Gustav's musical education is rich and diverse, covering a wide variety of genres and styles. This is the ...

  25. Il Gatto Indipendente

    av Rudyard Kipling

    Häftad, Italienska, 1990-12-01, ISBN 9780859535519

    How did the cat find its place on our hearthrug, without losing its independence or performing any notable service? Kipling's masterpiece is complemented by Teresa O'Brien's astonishing cat illustrations.

  26. La Gallina Che Sapeva Nuotare

    av Paul Adshead

    Häftad, Italienska, 1990-12-01, ISBN 9780859535526

    When a duckling is hatched by a chicken, it thinks she is its mother!

  27. Conosco UN Segreto

    av Sue Baker

    Inbunden, Italienska, 1988-12-01, ISBN 9780859535533

    This amusingly illustrated book reflects the way in which children really learn where babies come from, and answers the questions they ask. A separate booklet, included in the book presents the facts scientifically and can be used at parent's disc...

  28. L'Orso Affamto

    av Audrey Wood, Don Wood

    Inbunden, Italienska, 1990-12-01, ISBN 9780859535540

    First published in 1984, a picture book in which the Little Mouse will do all he can to save his strawberry from the Big, Hungry Bear, even if it means sharing it with the reader. The Little Mouse and the Big Hungry Bear are known and loved by mil...

  29. All'Altro Capo Del Mondo

    Häftad, Italienska, 1990-12-01, ISBN 9780859535557

    A celebration of a child's growing self awareness, and a prime example of how books can contribute to this. Whether brave or shy, strong or weak, in the end the young boy celebrates all different, apparently contradictory parts of himself.