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  1. Nate Poecrasto (Jp)

    av Angelo Moore, Keno Mapp

    Häftad, Japanska, 2010-05-28, ISBN 9780976851837

    Angelo Moore, the lead singer of FISHBONE is Dr Madd Vibe and he is now making a long distant house call to his Japanese family with this prescription to help cure any ailments of procrastination. Learn from Nate and don't be late!!!! Illustration...

  2. Jah Jah on the Telephone (Jp)

    av Angelo Moore, Keno Mapp

    Häftad, Japanska, 2010-05-28, ISBN 9780976851851

    Jah Jah on the telephone (translated into Japanese) is a comic book satire about what happens when you pray to God but God either dose not answer your prayer or god just takes a long time to answer your prayer to the point of having lost patience ...

  3. Metamorphosis

    av Abraham Luna

    Häftad, Japanska, 2015-06-01, ISBN 9781514215074
  4. Brutal

    av Abraham Luna

    Häftad, Japanska, 2015-10-01, ISBN 9781517679118
  5. Kitaro's Yokai Battles

    av Shigeru Mizuki

    Häftad, Japanska, 2018-07-01, ISBN 9781770463196
  6. Attack on Titan 6

    av Hajime Isayama

    Häftad, Japanska, 2011-12-01, ISBN 9784063845914
  7. Romantic Princess Style: A Collection of Art by Macoto Takahashi

    av Makoto Takahashi

    Häftad, Japanska, 2018-07-01, ISBN 9784756249647