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  1. Aqedath Jishaq a Sixteenth Century Yiddish Epic with Introduction and Notes

    av Percy Matenko, Samuel Sloan

    Häftad, Jiddisch, 2014-09-30, ISBN 9784871872270

    The Aqedath Jishaq is a poem in Yiddish composed in the period 1558 to 1578. It is based on the story in the Bible in Genesis Chapter 22 about how God ordered Abraham to take his son up to the top of Mount Moriah and sacrifice him. Just as Abraham...

  2. The Anthology of Yiddish Folksongs: v. 7 Itzik Manger Volume

    av Aharon Vinkovetzky, Sinai Leichter, Abba Kovner

    Inbunden, Jiddisch, 2004-01-01, ISBN 9789652234476

    Text in English & Yiddish. Mark Warshavsky was born in Odessa in 1848 and was a poet-composer of many famous Yiddish folksongs. It was Sholom Aleichem who first "discovered" Warshavsky with whom he often appeared in cultural evenings...

  3. Anthology of Yiddish Folksongs

    av Sinai Leichter

    Inbunden, Jiddisch, 2000-01-01, ISBN 9789654933490

    Text in English & Yiddish. Mordechai Gebirtig was one of the most influential and popular writers of Yiddish songs and poems. Born in 1877, he became a prolific poet and song writer, using everything he saw, heard and knew about people.

  4. Anthology of Yiddish Folksongs

    av Sinai Leichter

    Inbunden, Jiddisch, 2004-01-01, ISBN 9789654933513

    Text in English & Yiddish. Itzik Manger (1901-1969) stands out as the last great bearer of Yiddish song and humour, equal if not exceeding others in his power of feeling, invention, imagination and popular expression. His style of writing rema...

  5. Let's Hear Only Good News

    av Yosef Guri

    Häftad, Jiddisch, 2004-01-01, ISBN 9789659025022

    A first attempt is made here to portray this folklore genre in Yiddish lexicography. The 200 blessings and around 450 curses included in this dictionary are arranged alphabetically. The Yiddish entries are accompanied by their equivalent in Hebrew...

  6. On the Tip of the Tongue

    av Yosef Guri

    Häftad, Jiddisch, 2006-01-01, ISBN 9789659025039

    The collection of Yiddish proverbs has been collected over a hundreds of years. Sources are the bible, the Talmud, the people's folklore from Eastern Europe and Germany, and there are also proverbs from Yiddish speakers themselves. Parallel prover...