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Historia & arkeologi

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  1. Anarchism

    av Jing Zhao

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2017-01-06, ISBN 9780557016358

    This is the first book from a Chinese perspective to review Anarchism's theory and practice, with the author's worldwide experience since the 1989 Tiananmen Square Incident. Here are some comments: "I'm a librarian of the biggest Asian collec...

  2. Thomas Allen's War Games Professional Wargaming 1945-1985

    av John Curry

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2010-01-11, ISBN 9780557120956

    Totally fascinating, this book will be the standard work on the subject' Tom Clancy, author of the Hunt for Red October. In closely guarded rooms in the Pentagon, in think-tanks and colleges throughout the USA and Europe and deep in the heart of t...

  3. A Blue Voice Crying in the Wilderness of a Red State

    av David T Morgan

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2010-02-22, ISBN 9780557194841

    The format and contents of this book are quite simple. There are three parts. Parts I and II consist of letters to the editor by the compiler--published letters in Part I and selected unpublished ones in Part II. The third part is an appendix that...

  4. Japanese Politics Review

    av Jing Zhao

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2011-06-01, ISBN 9780557235384

    This is Anarchism Collection J-1 in Chinese of Japanese Politics Review by Jing Zhao.

  5. Ancient Egyptian Maize I

    av Gunnar Thompson

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2010-02-23, ISBN 9780557303083

    Most important book since Darwin's "Origin of the Species." Narrative history tells how modern detectives uncovered evidence of maize (or Indian Corn) in tombs & temples of Egypt. Until January 2010, all the encyclopedias and most histor...

  6. World War II Posters

    av Philip Martin McCaulay

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2010-02-22, ISBN 9780557316311

    World War II Posters is a collection of 245 original posters from WWII related to savings and investment, productivity and invention, service and support, environmentalism and conservation, security and trust, freedom and sacrifice, friends and al...

  7. China's Peril and Promise

    av Chih-P'Ing Chou, Joanne Chiang, Wang And Chiang Chou

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2008-05-01, ISBN 9780691089324

    China's Peril and Promise is an advanced Chinese reader in two volumes, prepared for students who would like to enhance their understanding of modern China in general and modern Chinese literature and intellectuals in particular, through reading a...

  8. Lives of Chinese in America

    av Shiyu Lin

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2017-12-01, ISBN 9780692912171
  9. Treasures of the Royal British Columbia Museum &; Archives

    av Professor Jack Lohman

    Inbunden, Kinesiska, 2015-06-15, ISBN 9780772669360
  10. The History of Central Arkansas.

    av Godspeed Publishing Company

    Inbunden, Kinesiska, 2017-11-01, ISBN 9780893080792
  11. Fusion Kitsch

    av Hsia Yu

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2001-05-01, ISBN 9780939010646

    One of the most provocative and cosmopolitan poets writing in Chinese today.Hsia Yu's frank and innovative treatment of gender and sexuality heralds the beginning of a much-awaited Chinese ecriture feminine. As critics have noted, Hsia Yu may well...

  12. The Boy Who Catches Wasps

    av Duo Duo

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2002-05-01, ISBN 9780939010707

    Duo Duo is the same generation as Bei Dao, and was likewise heavily involved in restarting the anthology of Chinese literature, "Today." Duo Duo is the proverbial "poets' poet," and a major collection of his work has not previo...

  13. Feelings Above Sea Level

    av Shang Qin

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2006-10-01, ISBN 9780939010899

    Shang Qin was born in Sichuan, China, in 1930, but has lived in Taiwan since the late 1940s, when he, like so many others, fled the mainland after the "fall of China." The author of four volumes of poetry and an artist of significant acc...

  14. So Translating Rivers and Cities

    av Er Zhang

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2007-04-01, ISBN 9780939010936

    "Zhang Er's poems lead us to another world, dive into the blank of writing and shriek in despair. The eloquence in her poems is a voice debating our time."-Bei DaoZephyr's second collection of Zhang Er's poetry, this bilingual edition in...

  15. Standoff at Tiananmen (Chinese Language, Simplified Character Edition)

    av Eddie Cheng

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2010-05-11, ISBN 9780982320310

    This is the Chinese language (Simplified Character) edition of the book "Standoff at Tiananmen," a narrative history of how Chinese students shocked the world with a magnificent movement for democracy and liberty that ended in the tragic...

  16. From Tears to Laughter

    av Yuet-Wan Lo

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2014-10-01, ISBN 9780993049903
  17. 百年旧梦 (one Hundred Years of China Dreams,chinese Edition)

    av ?? ?

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2017-01-01, ISBN 9780998519906

    While China is pursuing an official version of "China dream", in the past century Chinese people have had their own "China dreams" which had been actively discussed and some even put into practice. Some were famous scholars, jo...

  18. 晚清民初的新学

    av ?? ?

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2018-02-01, ISBN 9780999751435
  19. Chinese and English Phrase Book with the Chinese Pronunciation Indicated in English

    av Benoni Lanctot

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2009-08-31, ISBN 9781113652096

    Title: Chinese and English Phrase Book: With the Chinese Pronunciation Indicated in English: Specially Adapted for the Use of Merchants, Travelers and Families Publisher: San Francisco: A. Roman

  20. New Testament

    av Anonymous

    Inbunden, Kinesiska, 2010-04-01, ISBN 9781140036432

    This is a pre-1923 historical reproduction that was curated for quality. Quality assurance was conducted on each of these books in an attempt to remove books with imperfections introduced by the digitization process. Though we have made best effor...

  21. The New Testament

    av Anonymous

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2010-04-04, ISBN 9781140036449

    This is a pre-1923 historical reproduction that was curated for quality. Quality assurance was conducted on each of these books in an attempt to remove books with imperfections introduced by the digitization process. Though we have made best effor...

  22. Monatsberichte Des Statistischen Amts Der Stadt Breslau, Volumes 22-24...

    av Wroc Aw Statistisches Amt

    Paperback / softback, Kinesiska, 2012-09-21, ISBN 9781249461951
  23. R Sume Statistique de L'Empire Du Japon ..., Volume 20

    av Japan S Rifu T Keikyoku

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2012-10-25, ISBN 9781249932161
  24. Cheu King

    av Jing Shi

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2013-10-05, ISBN 9781289954222
  25. Dialogues Chinois-Latins

    av Paul Hubert Perny

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2013-10-19, ISBN 9781293087251