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Naturvetenskap & teknik

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  1. Congenitive-Entity Metatheory

    av Gordon MacKay

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2011-10-01, ISBN 9780557249541

    This is an introduction to any hyper-, super-, or otherwise-unified physics that is described as sensative(s) of a Congenitive-Entity that is of the General Light that is of God, which is more along Biblical or Vedic pathways of thought than that ...

  2. Adaptations 2009

    av Fernando Perez

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2010-02-22, ISBN 9780557283040

    Contains BeSpread and other theories of the author as they stood by the end of 2009.

  3. Color Rendering Capacity of Light

    av Xu He

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2010-11-30, ISBN 9780557293599

    To assess how many colors on earth can be vividly rendered by a given light source, or to see whether a given light source is capable of rendering a great number of widely different colors, a measure called the Color Rendering Capacity has been de...

  4. 从丝绸之路到世&;#30 The New Silk Road Becomes The World Land-Bridge

    av Sir William Jones

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2015-12-15, ISBN 9780943235301

    "" EIR's "ROAD-MAP" TO THE NEW WORLD ECONOMIC ORDER! Read EIR's comprehensive study of the progress of the Eurasian Land-Bridge project which Lyndon and Helga LaRouche have championed for over 20 years. The 374-page report, entitled "The New Silk ...

  5. This is Life

    av S L Chin

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 1990-10-01, ISBN 9780962511820
  6. Great Ultimate Theory ( Traditional Chinese )

    av John Chang

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2012-04-23, ISBN 9780992360702

    For a long time, the encyclopedias were very heterogeneous. There are dozens to hundreds of book volumes without a coherent system, so that the reader is very difficult to read. I always wanted to write an encyclopedia about 300 page and summarizi...

  7. The Zynq Book (Chinese Version)

    av Louise H Crockett, Ross A Elliot, Martin A Enderwitz

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2016-06-30, ISBN 9780992978747

    This book is about the Zynq-7000 All Programmable System on Chip, the family of devices from Xilinx that combines an application-grade ARM Cortex-A9 processor with traditional FPGA logic fabric. Catering for both new and experienced readers, it co...

  8. Guide for Community-Based Climate Action

    av Longbin Zhu

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2013-07-20, ISBN 9781300636496

    Community action is a key issue for low carbon development in China. This Guide aims to help Chinese cities to implement community-based climate actions. It focuses on the planning and implementation of low carbon actions in existing communities,a...

  9. Positive Ecology E-bok

    av Gerald Schmidt

    E-bok, Kinesiska, 2018-01-17, ISBN 9781351163668

    Until recently, there has been a widespread view that we must give up amenities of modern life in order to achieve environmental sustainability. While newspapers and other popular media tend to focus on the negative aspects of environmental change...

  10. Early Equipment Management (EEM) E-bok

    av Dennis McCarthy

    E-bok, Kinesiska, 2017-07-12, ISBN 9781351643023

    When capital projects fail to deliver, it is usually not due to technical reasons but a combination of behavioral pitfalls, unclear accountabilities and gaps in design, specification, and/or project-management processes. Early Equipment Management...

  11. Sustainable Development and Environmental Management

    av Corrado Clini, Ignazio Musu, Maria Lodovica Gullino

    Inbunden, Kinesiska, 2008-09-24, ISBN 9781402082283

    This book stems from a four-year experience of a Training Programme addressing members of several Chinese governmental Institutions which, given the moment of extremely intense and fast development of their country, consider the issues of environm...

  12. Sustainable Development and Environmental Management E-bok

    av Corrado Clini, Ignazio Musu, Maria Lodovica Gullino

    E-bok, Kinesiska, 2008-01-12, ISBN 9781402082290

    This book stems from a four-year experience of a Training Programme addressing members of several Chinese governmental Institutions which, given the moment of extremely intense and fast development of their country, consider the issues of environm...

  13. The Psychology of the Mind: Chinese Edition

    av Shyam Mehta

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2014-01-19, ISBN 9781409292128

    Academic knowledge is of academic interest. In this book I set out several new sciences relevant to mankind. All of these sciences can be directly applied by yourself for your benefit. They make predictions about the consequences of your actions a...

  14. Micropsychology

    av Yehuda Salu

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2010-02-22, ISBN 9781435704374

    Have you ever wondered why are you doing what you are doing? What makes you think the way you think? Can you think differently? Can you do better? This book explores those issues from a unique point of view. It treats the brain as a biological inf...

  15. DAO de Jing

    av Goomoo Xu

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2010-09-17, ISBN 9781452048611

    Lao Zi's book, Dao De Jing, contains the most fundamental and comprehensive philosophy in traditional Chinese culture, and it represents the highest achievement of Chinese academic study. This book uses the knowledge of science and ancient Chinese...

  16. Mauritius: East Beautiful Beaches

    av Llewelyn Pritchard M A

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2011-12-09, ISBN 9781468052886
  17. Counting Silly Faces Numbers One to Ten: Volume One

    av Michael Richard Craig

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2012-11-01, ISBN 9781481099646
  18. Labrador Wilderness

    av Llewelyn Pritchard

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2013-02-01, ISBN 9781482344226
  19. The Contemplator in the Science Palace Hall

    av Yibai Hao

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2013-11-27, ISBN 9781491829790

    This is a nonfictional work exploring topics on research science, including ideas on how to do research, how to become a real scientist, how to apply the thinking arts in the field of research science, as well as discussions of the pros and cons o...

  20. Bristol UK Aerial Photographs and Tourist Attractions

    av Llewelyn Pritchard

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2013-10-01, ISBN 9781493558568
  21. Quantum Mechanics

    av Julian Ting

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2013-11-01, ISBN 9781494260651
  22. Meng XI Bi Tan: Volume 1-26

    av Gua Shen

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2014-03-01, ISBN 9781497434837
  23. The Art of War

    av Sun Tzu

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2014-04-01, ISBN 9781499204100
  24. Short Live Networking (Chinese Simplified)

    av Humayun Bakht

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2014-05-01, ISBN 9781499507447
  25. How to Write/Publish a Scientific Paper/Book

    av Julian Ting

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2014-05-01, ISBN 9781499540987
  26. The World of Numbers: Where Did Middle Land Come From?

    av Marion Tzui Yang

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2014-07-01, ISBN 9781500650728
  27. Civilization and Its Discontents: Library Edition

    av Sigmund Freud

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2014-08-01, ISBN 9781500796181
  28. Aircraft Heaven: Part 1 (Chinese Version)

    av Dr Martin W Oliver Phd

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2014-09-01, ISBN 9781502359421