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  1. Collins Mandarin Chinese Phrasebook and Dictionary Gem Edition: Essential phrases and words (Collins Gem) E-bok

    av Collins Dictionaries

    E-bok, Kinesiska, 2017-03-09, ISBN 9780008230081

    Sound and speak like a native. The Mandarin Chinese Phrasebook & Dictionary is ideal for practising pronunciation, listening comprehension and becoming more confident, not just in speaking but in understanding others when abroad.This phrasebook wi...

  2. Cambridge

    av Sally Kent

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2007-08-01, ISBN 9780711741508
  3. Patients Beyond Borders: Taiwan

    av Josef Woodman

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2013-08-13, ISBN 9780984609581

    Taiwan is a "rising global healthcare tiger," offering new choices in excellent, affordable healthcare to patients around the world. So much so that Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman has praised Taiwan's healthcare and national health insuranc...

  4. From China to America

    av June He

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2013-11-09, ISBN 9781304605757

    A Chinese female traveler's five year's journey in search of personal reflection and cultural diversity from China to America.

  5. 美国签证

    av Execvisa

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2015-10-24, ISBN 9781311909978

    :  1:   F-1/OPT   H-1B   O-1A   E-2   B-1   2:   L-1   3: –   EB-1   EB-2   EB-2   EB-2   EB-5   4: –   5: –

  6. Open the Door

    av Huang Jiazhi

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2016-01-18, ISBN 9781329829398

    This is a book about how to make your travel better,by reading this book,you will make yourself more skillful on the trip.Please note that this book is written in Chinese.

  7. c Za c e E-bok

    av Execvisa

    E-bok, Kinesiska, 2015-10-24, ISBN 9781365053566

    a c eS : 1: e zc c e F-1/OPT e a za aY e H-1B a a se a s O-1A a e aS a a E-2 c S e a B-1 a aS e e e 2: e sa c c e cs e zc c e L-1 a a a e e a a 3: c c e e a a cY cs e a EB-1 a e aS EB-2 a c a a a a c Se a EB-2 e c a a cs a a sa EB-2 c a e aS EB-5 ...

  8. Aan de Zuidpool

    av Captain Roald Amundsen

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2007-04-01, ISBN 9781406842586
  9. Per Auto Door Den Kaukasus Naar Perzie

    av Claude Anet

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2007-04-01, ISBN 9781406842593

    Uit "De Aarde en haar Volken," Jaargang 1907

  10. Op Samoa

    av Eginhard Von Barfus

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2007-04-01, ISBN 9781406842623

    Schrijver van "De Goudzoekers aan de Klondyke-Rivier"

  11. Van Peking Naar Parijs Per Auto

    av Luigi En Borghese Scipione Sc Barzini

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2007-04-01, ISBN 9781406842654
  12. Changshou Lake

    av Song Tan

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2011-09-09, ISBN 9781426989407

    Changshou Lake is an artificial lake which possesses 203 islands of varying sizes and lies away 100 kilometers in the east of Chongqing city. In 1957, Changshou Lake was designated as a place of laogai (reform through heavy labour; http://en.wikip...

  13. Mauritius: East Beautiful Beaches

    av Llewelyn Pritchard M A

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2011-12-09, ISBN 9781468052886
  14. Walking Along with You in America

    av Jay Chiu

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2015-08-03, ISBN 9781478746294

    Walking along with you in America Beginning at 1980s, many Chinese young students came to the United States with different dreams and hopes. They were far away from their homes, families and friends, struggled for surviving and development in a fo...

  15. Venice Italy Holiday

    av Llewelyn Pritchard Ma

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2013-01-01, ISBN 9781482316353
  16. Mauritius South Rugged Scenery and Stunning Beaches

    av Llewelyn Pritchard Ma

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2013-02-01, ISBN 9781482372151
  17. Photographs of Rome Italy

    av Llewelyn Pritchard Ma

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2013-02-01, ISBN 9781482514919
  18. Geneva Switzerland Holiday

    av Llewelyn Pritchard Ma

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2013-02-01, ISBN 9781482565652
  19. Majorca Spain Holiday

    av Llewelyn Pritchard Ma

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2013-02-01, ISBN 9781482574371
  20. Malaga -Torremolinos a Spanish Budget Holiday

    av Llewelyn Pritchard Ma

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2013-02-01, ISBN 9781482580242
  21. Annapurna Sanctuary and Circuit (Chinese)

    av Alonzo Lyons

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2013-09-01, ISBN 9781492777342
  22. Malaga -Torremolinos a Spanish Budget Holiday

    av Llewelyn Pritchard Ma

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2013-09-01, ISBN 9781492830276
  23. Biarritz France Holiday

    av Llewelyn Pritchard Ma

    Häftad, Kinesiska, 2013-10-01, ISBN 9781492953845