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  1. Ett liv på Flerspråk:

    Astrid Lindgren - Ett liv (persisk)

    av Annelie Drewsen, Cilla Dalén

    Inbunden, Persiska, 2018-01-15, ISBN 9789177234289

    Astrid Lindgrens böcker har gett oss i Sverige en gemensam ram. Tack vare henne har vi lärt känna personer som Pippi Långstrump, Ronja Rövardotter och Emil i Lönneberga. Tack vare hennes författarskap har vi fått en läsupplevelse som binder oss sa...

  2. Diary of Anne Frank in Dari Persian or Farsi

    av Anne Frank, Janet Ghazizadeh

    Häftad, Persiska, 2012-06-09, ISBN 9784871879255

    The Diary of Anne Frank is one of the most famous books ever written. It is consistently ranked among the top ten books in the 20th Century. It has been published in more than 60 languages. Time magazine named Anne Frank as one of The Most Importa...

  3. Memoirs of Khalili: A Conversation with His Daughter

    av Marie Khalili

    Häftad, Persiska, 2011-08-01, ISBN 9780615396644
  4. The Makarim al-Akhlaq

    av Ghiyas Ad-Din Ibn Humam Ad-Din Muhammad Khvand-Amir, T Gandjen

    Inbunden, Persiska, 2012-06-01, ISBN 9780906094112

    The historian Khvandmir (d. 15345) came from an educated family of Herat. As a young man he received encouragement and patronage from the cultivated Amirand administrator, 'Alishir Nava'i, famous also as the greatest of Cagatay poets. The Makarim ...

  5. Bunanameh

    av Buna Alkhas

    Häftad, Persiska, 2012-06-01, ISBN 9780979057366

    I went back to Tehran after 25 years to spend the summer with my father, Hanibal Alkhas. I started a diary, originally for my son Behrang, and then just kept adding to it daily. This is the story of a half-breed returning to a country he half grew...

  6. Sixty Years of Patience and Gratefulness

    av Dr Abrahim Yazdi

    Häftad, Persiska, 2012-11-06, ISBN 9781477286807

    Sixty Years of Patience and Gratefulness

  7. The Story of Anousheh

    av Ghazal

    Häftad, Persiska, 2012-11-01, ISBN 9781479387984
  8. Upon Water & Fire: Biography

    av Dr Fredun Hojabri

    Häftad, Persiska, 2013-01-01, ISBN 9781480271388
  9. Arangeh: Arangeh

    av Mr Ali Kouhestani

    Häftad, Persiska, 2013-04-01, ISBN 9781482540253
  10. From Shahrood to Seattle

    av Mahshid Arab Yar Mohammadi

    Häftad, Persiska, 2014-08-01, ISBN 9781499143683
  11. A Legend: About Charles Bukowski

    av Ronnie Haag

    Häftad, Persiska, 2014-09-01, ISBN 9781502462978
    (1 röst)
  12. Sifting the Dust (Farsi Translation): God & the Mad Psychologist

    av Dr Marjorie Rose

    Häftad, Persiska, 2016-11-01, ISBN 9781540327888
  13. From My Eight to Eighty Years Old

    av F Azad

    Häftad, Persiska, 2017-08-01, ISBN 9781542815604
  14. Memoirs of Ardeshir Zahedi

    av Ardeshir Zahedi

    Häftad, Persiska, 2006-01-01, ISBN 9781588140388

    Text in Persian.

  15. Alam Diaries

    av Assadollah Alam, Alinaghi Alikhani

    Häftad, Persiska, 2007-01-01, ISBN 9781588140418

    Text in Persian. The Diaries of Assadollah Alam are probably the most important document about the inner workings of the Mohammad Reza Pahlavi period. This is the complete unabridged work. A summary English translation was published in 1992.

  16. Memoirs of Ardeshir Zahedi

    av Ardeshir Zahedi

    Inbunden, Persiska, 2010-04-05, ISBN 9781588140654

    Text in Persian. Volume II covers the period 1954 to 1965. In it a fascinating first-hand account is given of significant historical events including: his friendship with Princess Shahnaz, the Shah's only child and how it developed into love and t...

  17. My Life [Zendegani-Ye Man]

    av Ahmad Kasravi

    Häftad, Persiska, 2009-05-22, ISBN 9781588140715

    Zendegani-ye man is the Persian language autobiography of Ahmad Kasravi. He was and Iranian nationalist, historian and linguist who was assassinated in 1946.

  18. The Alam Diaries: Volume 7

    av Asadollah Alam, Alinaghi Alikhani

    Inbunden, Persiska, 2014-01-01, ISBN 9781588140722
  19. The Memoirs of Abdolreza Ansari

    av Abdolreza Ansari

    Häftad, Persiska, 2010-05-03, ISBN 9781588140753

    Abdolreza Ansari was involved in or observed from close vantage the political and economic developments of the last thirty years of the reign of Mohammad-Reza Pahlavi. Among the positions he held was; Deputy Minister of Finance; Minister of Labor;...

  20. Memoirs of Eskandar Firouz

    av Eskandar Firouz

    Inbunden, Persiska, 2012-12-17, ISBN 9781588140883

    Text in Persian.

  21. Memoirs of Nasrollah Tavakoli

    av Nasrollah Tavakoli

    Inbunden, Persiska, 2014-03-20, ISBN 9781588140982
  22. Letters to My Torturer: Naameh-Haee Be Shekanjeh-Garam

    av Houshang Asadi

    Häftad, Persiska, 2013-02-01, ISBN 9781780832876
  23. In the Spirit of Youth

    av Shahrokh Meskoob

    Häftad, Persiska, 2014-06-25, ISBN 9781780833736
  24. Eric Hermelin: Vol. 2

    av Per-Erik Lindahl

    Häftad, Persiska, 2014-04-10, ISBN 9781780834214
  25. Tar in Honey: Ghatran Dar Asal

    av Shiva Farahmand

    Häftad, Persiska, 2014-11-01, ISBN 9781780834382
  26. Aziz's Notebook

    av Aziz Zarei

    Häftad, Persiska, 2014-11-01, ISBN 9781780834528
  27. The Life of Edward Fitzgerald: Rooh-E Khayami-E Fitzgerald

    av John Glyde

    Häftad, Persiska, 2016-01-01, ISBN 9781780835006
  28. Missing Mum: Jaye Khali Maman

    av Hamed Farmand

    Häftad, Persiska, 2016-01-01, ISBN 9781780835495
  29. Imagination-Stirring Pen: Kelke Khial Angiz

    av Ebrahim Nabavi

    Häftad, Persiska, 2016-10-01, ISBN 9781780836041