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Barn & tonår

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  1. Skazki Pushkina - Fairy Tales

    av Alexander Pushkin

    Inbunden, Ryska, 2013-05-25, ISBN 9781909115583
    (1 röst)

    Fairy Tales by Alexander Pushkin (in Russian): The Tale of Tsar Saltan (Skazka o tsare Saltane), The Tale of the Golden Cockerel (Skazka o zolotom petushke), The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish (Skazka o rybake i rybke). This edition includes a...

  2. I Love to Tell the Truth

    av Shelley Admont, S A Publishing

    Inbunden, Ryska, 2016-04-22, ISBN 9781772685152

    Jimmy the little bunny is in trouble. Accidently, he ruined his mother favourite flowers. Will it help if he lies? Or is it better to tell the truth and try to solve the problem in different way? Help your children to learn to be more honest with ...

  3. Voyage mini:

    Stockholm & jag! (rysk utgåva)

    av Gabrielle Söderberg

    Häftad, Ryska, 2012-06-136-9 år

    Lämpar sig för barn i åldern 6-12 år. Stockholm & jag! OBS! RYSK UTGÅVA! Barnens egen guide till Stockholm! Följ med på en spännande upptäcktsfärd i Stockholm! Du får lära känna kungar, drottningar och hänsynslösa härskare, lära dig skriva som...

  4. Mir Krasoty

    av Vasily Sukhomlinsky

    Häftad, Ryska, 2017-04-18, ISBN 9780648078203

    Mir krasoty is the Russian language edition of Tales from Pavlysh: A World of Beauty. It contains 19 little tales from Sukhomlinsky's Ethics Anthology, a collection of over 500 stories designed to promote thought about values. The stories have bee...

  5. Bukvar

    av Margarita Vartanova

    Inbunden, Ryska, 2010-11-19, ISBN 9780615402789

    Margarita Vartanova has many years of experience teaching children in both Russia and the United States. She has developed this special method for teaching Russian language to children who are growing up outside of Russia.

  6. The Bicycle Garden: Russian Language Edition

    av Walter Williams

    Häftad, Ryska, 2013-02-01, ISBN 9780615767802
  7. Modern Russian I

    av Clayton L Dawson, Vesna Cicin-Sain, Assya A Humesky

    Häftad, Ryska, 1977-01-01, ISBN 9780878401697

    Stressing the fundamental structural features of contemporary spoken Russian, these eighteen audio-lingual lessons primarily employ imitation and repetition exercises. Also included are reading selections, a pronunciation guide, a Russian-English ...

  8. Sexual Styles

    av John Berecz

    Häftad, Ryska, 2010-07-28, ISBN 9780893344986

    "Sexual Styles" has a unique and fresh point of view, describing everyday problems with which we all must wrestle. Dr. Berecz explores each of the seven different personality styles in detail.

  9. Alex and Friends, Ses Amis, I Suoi Amici, Seine Freunde, Sus Amigos

    av Valerie Rhenius, Valerie Rhenius

    Mixed media product, Ryska, 2007-03-01, ISBN 9780954170042

    This A4 adventure audio is designed for children aged 7 upwards (KS2) already learning a second language. Alex lives in a castle on a hill, and unknown to him or his family, wolves, elves and dragons live nearby. As Alex flies his kite on a round ...

  10. Windter (Russian Version)

    av Keno Mapp

    Inbunden, Ryska, 2015-01-01, ISBN 9780990990130

    This is the Russian Version - After Queen Maza gave birth to her perfectly formed child in the Land called Beauty, a land populated entirely be deformed characters, she and King Shrine were ordered to cast the child out of the village. Tears fall ...

  11. The 40 Parables of Jesus-Russian

    av Lilia Varetsa

    Häftad, Ryska, 2014-05-18, ISBN 9780992418144
  12. I Love to Sleep in My Own Bed

    av Shelley Admont

    Häftad, Ryska, 2015-11-02, ISBN 9780993700040

    This fun children's picture book follows the story of cute little bunny, Jimmy. He lives with his family in a small, nice house in the forest. The problem is that Jimmy doesn't want to sleep in his own bed. Every night he sneaks quietly into his p...

  13. Потому, Что ТЫ

    av Robin Vandyke

    Häftad, Ryska, 2016-11-01, ISBN 9780998266428

    av D'D Nd N D Ddegreennened D

    Häftad, Ryska, 2011-09-26, ISBN 9781105093548

    Two true friends in a wonderous journey full of dangers, secrets and magic. DuNENCD NeD N NCD D D . D'D D DDdegree D D'D NEN...D D ND NiN...D'NNED*NiN N...D N D DdegreeD*D NaD D D , D D D D NiD D D D D D D D D D?NENCD NeD N NCD D D , D?D D"D ...

  15. Zapiski Imperatorskago Russkago Geograficheskago Obshchestva, Volume 8

    av Imperatorskoe Russkoe Geogr Obshchestvo

    Häftad, Ryska, 2010-02-01, ISBN 9781145269897

    This is an EXACT reproduction of a book published before 1923. This IS NOT an OCR'd book with strange characters, introduced typographical errors, and jumbled words. This book may have occasional imperfections such as missing or blurred pages, poo...

  16. A Storybook for Children: Russian Edition

    av Shyam Mehta

    Häftad, Ryska, 2014-03-11, ISBN 9781291778786

    Children need to know many things. This book talks about the important things: love, happiness, unkindness, food, and several more.

  17. Lecons de Geometrie Elementaire

    av Jacques Hadamard

    Häftad, Ryska, 2014-02-22, ISBN 9781294686675
  18. T p K

    av Mapa Bennet, O Bpo Enko

    Häftad, Ryska, 2012-08-31, ISBN 9781300148005

    This book tells a simple story, but there is a wise seed in it. If you want your children to grow up and become brave and honest, get this book. It's about kindness and friendship, real values and solved problems. The characters are from a fairy-t...

  19. Animal Feast

    av Boris Vinokur

    Häftad, Ryska, 2013-05-11, ISBN 9781300797364

    This is a joyful children poem in Russian about animals gathering for a magic feast and their adventures

  20. Treasures of Captain Malisiozo

    av Sergei Aksu

    Inbunden, Ryska, 2014-02-21, ISBN 9781312033764

    This book is written in Russian language. Children's book. Novel ""Treasure of Captain Malisiozo"" - the first book of the trilogy ""The Adventures Torbellino"". It's a fascinating story about the adventures of young people who live in a country t...

  21. L bonbitnbin mamontenok

    av Tamnnna Menbnnk

    Inbunden, Ryska, 2014-03-01, ISBN 9781312046054

    Dryxba (akroctnx) D/bonny cnny datb nam moxet, P/adoctb obwenbr, konb krenka, Y/berenno b bede nomoxet, X/enanna nam ee ryka! B/exnt ot nxn, nemenbi, cbar, A/ bernoctb - ee bbicwnn dar!

  22. Bapo Na Ba at O

    av M Pa Bpy Oba

    Pamphlet, Ryska, 2014-11-20, ISBN 9781326089436

    Una nina esta sonando sobre regalos que le trae el Tio de Nadal...Ma en ka ebo ka me taet o o apkax, kotop e e p necet Po ectbenckoe o eno - Ba aT o

  23. Aneta o y o o Beta

    av Elmira Kruglova

    Pamphlet, Ryska, 2015-12-07, ISBN 9781326499877

    Bopo eba Co n e co paet ceme n cobet, to o cy t , kak omo anete o y o o beta - em e.

  24. A Ekcan Ep Po Ectbenckoe o Eno

    av Elmira Kruglova

    Pamphlet, Ryska, 2015-12-16, ISBN 9781326506933

    A ekcan ep Po ectbenckoe o eno. Tpa Bata on . Cka ka na pycckom ke.

  25. A P an Po Ectbenckoe o Eno

    av Elmira Kruglova

    Pamphlet, Ryska, 2015-12-16, ISBN 9781326506964

    A p an Po ectbenckoe o eno. Tpa Bata on . Cka ka ete o ko no o m a e o ko no o bo pacta.

  26. Bapyce

    av A Na Ma Apeba

    Häftad, Ryska, 2016-02-11, ISBN 9781326560706

    B komy nac b na x etck x cnax ne p eta bo e n e e , to ynect nac a tp eb t eme b cka o n e ctpan ? Bot k ebo ke a e o na b oct a ete a cobep enno o knobenna e , no ne to o to o a ab t ee y b te n m ctop m , a to o poc t o omo . Na ee Bo e no Ctpan...

  27. The Tutut Tales (Skazki o Parovozike Tutute)

    av Dmitry Zinoviev

    Häftad, Ryska, 2016-01-06, ISBN 9781329790001

    Five Russian fairy-tales about two little steam engines working in the remote mountains, and their friends; two of the tales come with parallel English translation. Perfect for teaching your kids either of the two languages.