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  1. Thirty years later

    av Michael Berg

    Häftad, Ryska, 2011-05-17, ISBN 9780557333394

    Eto bocnomnnannr Mnxanna Berga o uydecnbix godax, nrobedennbix b nawen eameuatenbnon 30-n wkone. To camon, na ygny Crednego n Cedbmon Bacnnbebckogo octroba, gde nrenodabann Wnfman, Berebenunk, Baneeb, Knnmobnukar, Ionnn, Nogodnna, n gde yunnncb bc...

  2. Across Lethe and back

    av Michael Berg

    Häftad, Ryska, 2010-02-28, ISBN 9780557342228

    Eto nobectbobanne o nerbon eagrannunon noeedke nncatenr-nonkonformncta na Eanad b 1989. Uem ydnbnna Germannr, uem raeouarobana? Uto okaeanocb noxoxe na Poccn , gde nroxodnna grannua necobnadennr? Nerbbie cambie cnnbnbie bneuatnenne ot nebedomogo k...

  3. Kak My Seli Babushky: Children Book

    av Dina Perepelitsky

    Häftad, Ryska, 2014-04-01, ISBN 9780615979823
  4. Forget about Miami Beach

    av Lev Kirillin

    Häftad, Ryska, 2015-08-01, ISBN 9780692515747
  5. The World of the Russian Naval Reformer

    av A N Krylov

    Inbunden, Ryska, ISBN 9780773432406

    These memoirs explore the professional world of the author, a noted scientist and reformer of the Russian navy. They provide a vivid panorama of Russian life in the last third of the 19th and first third of the 20th centuries.

  6. Allies on the Rhine, 1945-1950

    av Elena Skrjabina

    Inbunden, Ryska, 1980-01-01, ISBN 9780809309399

    In The Allies on the Rhine Skrjabina describes the coming of the Allies to the Rhineland, the occupation, and the first clear signs of the recovery of war-shattered Germany. She describes what occurred and how it was interpreted at the time by a k...

  7. Die Frauen Der Prasidenten

    av John M Berecz

    Häftad, Ryska, 2010-04-01, ISBN 9780893344825

    Having just completed a careful study of nearly a dozen different sexual styles, (Sexual Styles: A Guide to Understanding Your Lover's Personality, Humanics, 1998), John Berecz now applies this same analysis to the sexual lives of the last ten Ame...

  8. My Life Experience

    av Ilona Davydova

    Inbunden, Ryska, 2009-07-27, ISBN 9780967529684

    This work features text in Russian. At the age of fifteen, Ilona Davydova's parents immigrate with her to the United States. She leaves behind her home, her language, her culture, & her ideals. In her endless search for herself in this new cap...

  9. Kto Ty Takoi: Odessa 1945-1953

    av Emil Draitser

    Häftad, Ryska, 2005-11-01, ISBN 9780971496347
  10. A Vicious Istorija Lubvi

    av Teddie Dahlin

    Häftad, Ryska, 2015-02-18, ISBN 9780993000058

    , - ., . -,, . . Goldblade/ - . The Sex Pistols., . . Punk Globe Magazine. The Sex Pistols. - -, . .,,,, ., Record Collector Magazine,, -, The Sex Pistols, . . ",",, - .,, -, . . "

  11. Путь к мечт е: Ли Цзиньюан

    av ?????n, ?????l

    Häftad, Ryska, 2017-10-01, ISBN 9780999426364
  12. Da! A Practical Guide to Russian Grammar

    av Tatiana Filosofova, Marion Sporing

    Inbunden, Ryska, 2016-02-08, ISBN 9781138139367

    Da! A Practical Guide to Russian Grammar is a concise and contemporary combined reference grammar and workbook for intermediate-level students, and is ideal for use both in the classroom and for self-study. The book contains clear explanations of ...

  13. Yuz!

    av Alexandra Sviridova, Priscilla Meyer

    Häftad, Ryska, 2011-07-31, ISBN 9781257940646

    A collection of essays and reminiscences about Yuz Aleshkovsky by scholars and artists, including Joseph Brodsky, Andrei Bitov, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Fazil Iskander, and Bulat Okudzhava, with new poems and songs by Aleshkovsky, in honor of his 80th...

  14. 'D'DdegreeNNCDdegree D'NED'DdegreeDDdegree'

    av D Ddegreed Ddegreenddegree D'Nd Dd Nnid D Ddegree

    Häftad, Ryska, 2012-12-04, ISBN 9781291221923

    D N NCD ND N D'DdegreeD"N...DdegreeNeN D D DD D"NED"DdegreeDDdegree. "DGBPD D D D D DD D"D NC D*DdegreeD D D DdegreeNeN Ni NCNNED'D D D', D D D D N D?ND N NCDdegreeD D D NCND D D D DdegreeNeD D' D'NENeNE NCD D D D' N NCDde...

  15. The Line of Destiny (Lnnnr cydbbbi)

    av Valentina Galler

    Häftad, Ryska, 2013-08-26, ISBN 9781291532913

    Xnenb nroxodnt. Xouetcr noctabntb touky. I gnabnoe, xouetcr otbetntb camomy cebe: Tak nn tbi nroxnn xnenb? Bce nn cdenan, uto tebe bbino nredckaeano cydbbon? Eta knnga o xnenn uenobeueckon, o tom dnr uego xnbewb na cbete, b uem cmbicn xnenn. Knnga...

  16. Never-ending thread

    av Michael Belilovsky

    Häftad, Ryska, 2012-10-29, ISBN 9781300330370

    Third book of the "Your time" trilogy takes place in the 1960-70s. The war and its cruel aftermath is far behind; perestroika, followed by violent regional conflicts and the end of the Soviet Union, is yet to come. Finally, the protagoni...

  17. My Years - My Wealth ; DuD D DD D'Ddegree - D D D D D DDdegreeNCN NCD D

    av Joseph Milkin

    Häftad, Ryska, 2012-12-18, ISBN 9781300463542

    D D N D N DuD D"NiD D D /// A"DuD D DD D'Ddegree - D D D D D DDdegreeNCN NCD D A". DuD D NEDdegreeNNi D D NCD NDdegreeD Ddegree D'NCD ND D' DuD ND D D D' D D D'D Ni D D N D N Ddegree DuD D"NiD D D Ddegree. D D NCD N D D"D ...

  18. N, Nayka, y y Ee

    av Alexander Bolonkin

    Häftad, Ryska, 2012-12-07, ISBN 9781300491644

    This is book about life, researches, ideas, innovations of Dr. Sci., professor Alexander Bolonkin. He worked in Soviet aviation, rocket and space industries and lectured in main Moscow Universities in the former USSR. In 1972 professor Bolonkin wa...

  19. Touches

    av Michael Vernik

    Häftad, Ryska, 2013-02-19, ISBN 9781300739746

    He cnewnte untatb. E-en, bbi ne tak nonrnn! R xoten ckaeatb: untante ne cnewa. Nrocto notomy, uto bnagorodnoe bnno nb t mednenno. Utobbi owytntb bc nrenectb byketa. A b eton nroee takoe bogatctbo ottenkob, ctonbko tonknx nabn dennn n nenabreunbogo...

  20. Djurin

    av Moris Bronshteyn

    Häftad, Ryska, 2013-08-15, ISBN 9781304299451

    About a Jewish shtetl in Ukraine 1940-1960-s. A little history, Authors parents, friends, neighbors. Relations beethwin people.For order call 925-287-9457 E-mail

  21. Nikolai Gogol: Associative Perusal Experience

    av Vladimir Chinarov

    Inbunden, Ryska, 2013-11-21, ISBN 9781304625670

    This book does not resemble the classical scholarly writings. It rather grew out of the personal needs of an author to reveal his findings which concern the associative perusal of nice and strange works created by Nikolai Gogol. The protagonist he...

  22. Abno M Nyb Ee

    av Sofiya Ivanova

    Häftad, Ryska, 2014-09-10, ISBN 9781304696434

    This book is a memories of childhood in Russian village, about parents, brothers, life at the times of WWII and after.

  23. California Online (1)

    av Nina Ganshina

    Inbunden, Ryska, 2014-02-07, ISBN 9781304880123

    The book is written as a novel diary. It is a mix of fiction and non-fiction, reality and feelings.

  24. Russian Detective

    av Alexey Kostenko

    Häftad, Ryska, 2014-02-23, ISBN 9781312042742

    Fascinating book tells the story in the first person about the hard service in the criminal investigation. Description of what is happening in Russia during the bandit binge of the late twentieth century. Memories of people and events in simple an...

  25. T, Die, Cnoba T

    av Ron Irwin

    Häftad, Ryska, 2015-02-06, ISBN 9781312898578

    Ron began his life in a tough place. He left home at age 11 and eventually joined the Marine Corps at 17. He served in Vietnam and after discharge went back to school and became a lawyer. Eventually he met his perfect woman and they married in Hon...

  26. Abno, Abno Etom

    av Nata Pextep

    Häftad, Ryska, 2015-04-03, ISBN 9781312989993

    t paccka - am t etctba: oe k pob n b Mockby, otno en ete b poc x, po en e py , epexo etctba b noct , ot e nacobcem b m pa , ceme n e y , cmex, c e ...Bce to ko a-to o. abno, abno, b ctpane, kotopo o e net na kapte.

  27. Masters of French Music...

    av Arthur Hervey

    Häftad, Ryska, 2013-12-13, ISBN 9781314712483
  28. Erinnerungen Eines Geologen, Band 1: Familienchroniken, Kindheit, Schule

    av Alexander Vinogradov

    Häftad, Ryska, 2015-01-11, ISBN 9781326127275

    Erinnerungen eines Geologen, Band 1: Familienchroniken, Kindheit, Schule. Der erste Band der funfteiligen autobiografischen Geschichte erzahlt vom Leben eines Kinds, das im 1936 in Russland in einer kleinen Stadt im Ural geboren wurde. Es wird das...

  29. Erinnerungen Eines Geologen, Band 3: Eniseysk

    av Alexander Vinogradov

    Häftad, Ryska, 2015-01-11, ISBN 9781326128005

    Der dritte Band der funfteiligen autobiografischen Geschichte erzahlt uber die erste Arbeit des Autors als Geologe in der Nahe von der Stadt Eniseysk, die am grossen Fluss Enisey in Sibirien liegt. Der junge Spezialist lernt viele neue Leute kenne...