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Ekonomi & ledarskap

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  1. Global Standard for Food Safety Interpretation Guideline North American Version

    av British Retail Consortium

    Häftad, Ryska, 2012-07-17, ISBN 9780117068902

    This Guideline will help food producers to obtain certification to Issue 6 of the Standard. The Guideline discusses the principles behind each of the requirements of the Standard clause by clause, assisting companies to effective implementation ac...

  2. Global Standard for Food Safety [Russian Print Version]

    av British Retail Consortium

    Häftad, Ryska, 2011-07-25, ISBN 9780117069527

    The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety has been extensively revised in consultation with senior representatives from major retailers and food service companies, ensuring that it continues to meet the requirements of manufacturers and retailers. T...

  3. New Economic Policy (Nep): the Closing Stage

    av V P Dmitrenko, A K Sokolov, L A Neretina

    Inbunden, Ryska, 1999-12-01, ISBN 9780773431867

    This collection of papers considers in detail the crisis at the end of 1920 which caused the fall of the NEP economic system as well as "Stalin's turn" in 1929. Pulling down NEP meant the transition to command economics, the specific roa...

  4. World Development Report 2003

    av World Bank

    Häftad, Ryska, 2003-05-01, ISBN 9780821353349

    This book is directly available from the publisher VES MIR Publishers 9a, Kolpachniy pereulok Moscow, 101831 Russia Three billion people will be added to the world's population over the next 50 years and 2.8 billion people today already live on le...

  5. Assisting Russia's Transition

    av Gianni Zanini

    Häftad, Ryska, 2003-12-01, ISBN 9780821354124

    This evaluation assesses the developmental effectiveness of the World Bank's lending and non-lending assistance to the Russian Federation since 1991, a ten-year period of political, economic and social change. Between 1992-1998, the Operations Eva...

  6. Economies in Transition

    av Alice C Galenson

    Häftad, Ryska, 2005-01-01, ISBN 9780821360996
  7. Land Reform and Farm Restructuring in Transition Countries (Russian)

    av Nora Dudwick

    Häftad, Ryska, 2007-03-01, ISBN 9780821370346

    In the past fifteen years, most countries of Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States have shifted from predominantly collective to more individualized agriculture. These years also have witnessed the largest fall in a...

  8. My Life Experience

    av Ilona Davydova

    Inbunden, Ryska, 2009-07-27, ISBN 9780967529684

    This work features text in Russian. At the age of fifteen, Ilona Davydova's parents immigrate with her to the United States. She leaves behind her home, her language, her culture, & her ideals. In her endless search for herself in this new cap...

  9. z N z z z z N N N N N N E-bok

    av ÿ?ÿ?ÿ?ÿ? ÿ?ÿ¿ÿ¢ÿ?ÿ¿ÿ¡, ÿ¿ÿ¿ÿ?ÿ¿ÿ?ÿ? ÿ¡ÿ?ÿ?ÿ?ÿ?

    E-bok, Ryska, 2015-07-15, ISBN 9780996616300

    N N N N N , NS N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N . N N N N N N N N : N N N N N . N N N N N N N N N N N N . s

  10. Developing Lean Leaders at All Levels: A Practical Guide

    av Jeffrey Liker

    Häftad, Ryska, 2016-03-01, ISBN 9780996771566
  11. Agriculture Et Economie Rurale En Russie - Primary Source Edition

    av John Wilson

    Häftad, Ryska, 2013-11-12, ISBN 9781294295242
  12. Ocnobbi Fnnocofnn Roccnnckogo Bneneca

    av Anatonnn Cantbikob-Karnob

    Häftad, Ryska, 2013-04-14, ISBN 9781300775362

    B knnge dan begnrd na formnrobanne konkyrentocnocobnogo dyxa dnr raebntnr bbicokotexnonognueckogo bneneca. B rabote nokaeana nrofeccnr nrednrnnnmatenr, kak geronueckar, treby war myxectba, rewnmoctn, xenannr n ymennr aktnbno denctbobatb. B knnge n...

  13. Foundation of Philosophy of the Russian Business

    av Anatoly Saltikov-Karpov

    Häftad, Ryska, 2013-06-09, ISBN 9781304121127

    In the book the sight at formation of competitive spirit for development of highly technological business is given. In work the trade of the businessman as heroic, demanding courage, determination, desire and ability actively to operate is shown. ...

  14. Ot Prorokov Do Professorov - 1 Soft

    av Eugene Mayburd

    Häftad, Ryska, 2016-12-30, ISBN 9781326904210

    This is the new book by the author of the famous bestseller "An Introduction into the History of Economic Thought" tens of thousands copies of which was sold out in 1996 and 2000 (the second printing). This work immerses a reader into th...

  15. Ot Prorokov Do Professorov - 2 Soft

    av Eugene Mayburd

    Häftad, Ryska, 2017-02-05, ISBN 9781326938895

    This is the new book by the author of the famous bestseller "An Introduction into the History of Economic Thought" tens of thousands copies of which was sold out in 1996 and 2000 (the second printing). This work immerses a reader into th...

  16. Post-Capitalism

    av Georg Haller

    Häftad, Ryska, 2011-02-19, ISBN 9781446791806

    Collection of articles in Russian about the current situation with communication technologies. And about their impact on the economy

  17. Материал&;#10 для чтения по теме

    av ???????? ????

    Häftad, Ryska, 2011-04-19, ISBN 9781450288675
  18. Материал&;#10 для чтения по теме

    av ???????? ????

    Inbunden, Ryska, 2011-04-19, ISBN 9781450288699
  19. World Economic Outlook, October 2009 E-bok

    av International Monetary Fund Research Dept

    E-bok, Ryska, 2009-11-19, ISBN 9781452705316

    This edition of the World Economic Outlook explores the prospects for growth in the aftermath of the financial crisis. The fragile nature of the recovery will present many challenges. These include the need for continued strong monetary, fiscal, a...

  20. Transition to Market: Studies in Fiscal Reform E-bok

    av Vito Tanzi

    E-bok, Ryska, 1994-09-15, ISBN 9781455223459

    IMF economists work closely with member countries on a variety of issues. Their unique perspective on country experiences and best practices on global macroeconomic issues are often shared in the form of books on diverse topics such as cross-count...

  21. Fiscal Policies in Economies in Transition E-bok

    av Vito Tanzi

    E-bok, Ryska, 1992-09-15, ISBN 9781455266845

    The collapse of central economic planning in many countries and the breakup of the Soviet Union have put into disarray systems of government revenues and expenditures in these countries. This collection of 16 papers, edited by Vito Tanzi, analyzes...

  22. Payment System: Design, Management, and Supervision E-bok

    av Bruce J Summers

    E-bok, Ryska, 1994-12-15, ISBN 9781455276936

    This book, edited by Bruce J. Summers, makes a practical contribution to increased understanding of payment system design and management and of the relationship between the payment system and monetary policy. the authors of the 12 papers included ...

  23. Public Expenditure Management E-bok

    av A Premchand

    E-bok, Ryska, 1994-05-15, ISBN 9781455280971

    This book, by A. Premchand, Assistant Director, IMF's Fiscal Affairs Department, provides a comprehensive discussion of the expenditure process in public authorities from a management perspective. It covers the various aspects, ranging from budget...

  24. MBA for Startups (Russian)

    av Zulfiqar Deo

    Häftad, Ryska, 2011-11-15, ISBN 9781470936464

    D-NCDdegree MBA D D D DDdegree D?D D D DDdegreeD NC D?ND D'D?ND D D D DdegreeNCD D"N D D N NCDdegreeNNCDdegreeD?DdegreeD N D D D*D NCNi ND N D D D D NED'DdegreeNaD . DuD Ddegree D D DdegreeD*NiD DdegreeD NC N D D'D D'N NCD D D D DGBPD?NDdegre...

  25. World Economic Outlook, April 2014

    av Imf Staff

    Häftad, Ryska, 2014-03-30, ISBN 9781475517118

    The world economy continues its slow recovery from the global financial crisis, but the main impetus for growth now lies with the advanced economies. The April 2014 WEO examines the causes and implications of recent trends, including increased fin...

  26. Template for Analyzing and Projecting Labor Market Indicators E-bok

    av Ralph Chami

    E-bok, Ryska, 2013-01-14, ISBN 9781475536850

    This note is a reference guide for the unemployment template, an econometric tool that allows researchers to analyze and project labor market indicators for any country with sufficient data coverage. Section I explains the motivation behind design...

  27. Public Sector Debt Statistics: Guide for Compilers and Users E-bok

    av International Monetary Fund

    E-bok, Ryska, 2014-02-11, ISBN 9781475545029

    The global financial crisis of recent years and the associated large fiscal deficits and debt levels that have impacted many countries underscores the importance of reliable and timely government statistics and, more broadly, public sector debt as...

  28. World Economic Outlook

    av Imf Staff

    Häftad, Ryska, 2016-07-30, ISBN 9781475545616

    Major macroeconomic realignments are affecting prospects differentially across the world's countries and regions. The April 2016 WEO examines the causes and implications of these realignments-including the slowdown and rebalancing in China, a furt...

  29. World Economic Outlook

    av International Monetary Fund

    Häftad, Ryska, 2017-03-30, ISBN 9781475550832

    According to the October 2016 World Economic Outlook, global growth is projected to slow to 3.1 percent in 2016 before recovering to 3.4 percent in 2017. The forecast, revised down by 0.1 percentage point for 2016 and 2017 relative to April's repo...

  30. World Economic Outlook, April 2012 E-bok

    av International Monetary Fund Research Dept

    E-bok, Ryska, 2012-06-20, ISBN 9781475582475

    The April 2012 edition of the World Economic Outlook assesses the prospects for the global economy, which has gradually strengthened after a major setback during 2011. The threat of a sharp global slowdown eased with improved activity in the Unite...