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  1. Min stroke Storpocket

    av Jill Bolte Taylor

    Storpocket, Svenska, 2016-10-04, ISBN 9789188345172
    (2 röster)

    På morgonen den 10 december 1996 förändrades Jill Bolte Taylors liv totalt. Den 37-åriga hjärnforskaren drabbades av en kraftig stroke då ett blodkärl brast i vänstra halvan av hjärnan. Inom loppet av några timmar försvann förmågan att tala, läsa,...

  2. Tjugo verkliga mord : en rättsläkare minns Storpocket

    av Lennart Rammer

    Storpocket, Svenska, 2017-08-23, ISBN 9789185701872
    (1 röst)

    I den breda floden av kriminalromaner förekommer en uppsjö av mord där författarna försöker överträffa varandra när det gäller fantasifulla och bestialiska våldsmetoder. Men många gånger är verkligheten mera uppfinningsrik och överträffar det påhi...

  3. Bara jag vet vem jag är Storpocket

    av Sture Bergwall

    Storpocket, Svenska, 2017-02-17, ISBN 9789137150024

    Sture Bergwall - för första gången med egna ord I juni 1991 döms Sture Bergwall till sluten psykiatrisk vård efter ett misslyckat bankrån. Samma år kommer han till Säters sjukhus. I april 2015 skrivs han ut, efter tjugofyra långa år. Nio av dessa ...

  4. Spår som slingrar sig samman : aktivitetsproblem & arbetsterapi inom psykiatri Storpocket

    av Gunner Gamborg

    Storpocket, Svenska, 1994-01-01, ISBN 9789186420192

    "Arbetsterapi inom psykiatri beskrivs i denna bok som en lösning på bestämda problem som drabbar en del människor.Arbetsterapi inom psykiatri beskrivs också som en lösning på bestämda problem i de miljöer dessa människor lever i.Det handlar om...

  5. Mental Health In Europe Storpocket

    av Shulamit Ramon, )

    Storpocket, Engelska, 1996-01-01, ISBN 9780333593714

    This text offers a description and analysis of the central developments and controversies in European mental health systems since 1980. Taking into account the different stakeholders, it covers the conceptual and practice-based changes in the way ...

  6. Human Resource Management Storpocket

    av Frank Burchill, Alice Casey

    Storpocket, Engelska, 1996-01-01, ISBN 9780333609132

    Providing an introduction to human resource management (HRM), this text examines the main concepts and theory of HRM, focusing on the National Health Service, the largest employer in Europe.

  7. Understanding Community Care Storpocket

    av Ann McDonald

    Storpocket, Engelska, 1999-01-01, ISBN 9780333675922

    This text describes the major changes introduced into the social services system and their effects upon professional development. Parallels are also drawn with changes in other systems such as health, social security and housing.

  8. Management Of Drug Users In The Community Storpocket

    av Roy Robertson

    Storpocket, Engelska, 1998-01-01, ISBN 9780340700136

    A practical account of the health care of drug users in the community, in relation to fighting addiction and to managing related health problems. The book emphasizes care in the community and draws on international experiences to present guidance ...

  9. Mcqs For The Mrcp, Part 1 Storpocket

    av A Zumla, P Carmichael, J Van Den Bogaerde

    Storpocket, Engelska, 1998-01-01, ISBN 9780412492907

    Provides ten specimen MRCP papers, each of 60 questions with 5 stems each, which can be attempted against the clock under examination conditions. Answers and full explanations are provided for each question.

  10. Drawings From A Dying Child Storpocket

    av Judi Bertoia

    Storpocket, Engelska, 1993-01-01, ISBN 9780415072199

    Based on the author's daily teaching contact with Rachel, a young girl struggling with leukaemia, the book describes a series of drawings she made and shows how they reveal her inner experience, her awareness that she was dying, and her acceptance...

  11. Psychological And Psychiatric Problems In Men Storpocket

    av Joan Gomez

    Storpocket, Engelska, 1993-01-01, ISBN 9780415097130

    Joan Gomez's book provides an account of a grossly neglected area: the psychological, social and sexual problems of men. The issues dealt with are highly topical and include aggression; violence and criminality; sexuality; and also problems such a...

  12. Need For Health Care Storpocket

    av Rod Sheaff

    Storpocket, Engelska, 1996-01-01, ISBN 9780415101127

    The rhetoric of needs has been used to legitimate all major turns in UK health policy since 1936. This study identifies the ethical, policy and technical issues arising from the concept of needs. A theory of needs is developed, and the text compar...

  13. Cameral Analysis Storpocket

    av David L Pedersen

    Storpocket, Engelska, 1994-01-01, ISBN 9780415104258

    David Pedersen shows how, using hypnosis on patients with psychoneurotic behaviour, the brain can be made to function as a whole once more, curing these distressing symptoms without the side effects of costly drug therapies.

  14. Symbolic Images In Art As Therapy Storpocket

    av Rita Simon

    Storpocket, Engelska, 1997-01-01, ISBN 9780415122283

    Using case studies from work with children and adults and over 80 illustrations, Rita Simon shows how the image and the style of work done in art therapy is often related to a particular stage of integration of painful experience.

  15. Self And Spirit In The Therapeutic Relationship Storpocket

    av Kenneth Bragan

    Storpocket, Engelska, 1995-01-01, ISBN 9780415127882

    Drawing on Kohut, Jung, literature and philosophy explores ideas about the self for those training in psychotherapy and counselling. Acknowleges the spiritual component in therapy and healing but places it firmly within a psychological framework.

  16. Treatment Of Addiction Storpocket

    av Diane Waller

    Storpocket, Engelska, 1998-01-01, ISBN 9780415169974

    The book emphasises the importance of group therapy for drug and alcohol dependent clients and looks at the practice of different arts therapies and their development in a number of settings.

  17. Mcqs For The Mrcpsych, Part 1 Storpocket

    av Jane Marshall

    Storpocket, Engelska, 1995-01-01, ISBN 9780750618717

    This text is one of three in a series designed to equip MRCPsych candidates for their examination. The other two titles cover the Part II Clinical Topics paper and Part II Sciences Basic to Psychiatry paper. All the questions in the book are relev...

  18. Updated Ent Storpocket

    av G G Browning

    Storpocket, Engelska, 1994-01-01, ISBN 9780750619219

    Aims to instruct students in how to take a patient's otolaryngological symptoms, to arrive at a diagnosis by logical steps and then to manage the problem. The book takes a symptom-orientated approach throughout.

  19. Paediatrics Storpocket

    av Maria O'Callaghan

    Storpocket, Engelska, 1994-01-01, ISBN 9780750620291

    MCQs are now an established part of higher examinations and form a useful means of revision for the candidate. The questions in this book have been compiled as a result of the restructuring of the MRCP examination to allow for earlier specializati...

  20. Paediatric Mcq Revision For Mrcp Part 1 Storpocket

    av James Nicholson

    Storpocket, Engelska, 1997-01-01, ISBN 9780750630146

    Practice examinations based closely on the style of the MRCP exam. Detailed answers are accompanied by revision notes and the inclusion of an index allows revision by subject area.

  21. Cardiac Emergencies Storpocket

    av Alan MacKintosh

    Storpocket, Engelska, 1998-01-01, ISBN 9780750638333

    A pocket guide to the management of acute cardiac problems, for hospital use. It presents key drugs and infusion regimes along with 23 ECG traces, tables and algorithms, to aid diagnosis.

  22. Hamilton Bailey's Demonstrations Of Physical Signs In Clinical Surgery Picture Tests To 18R.E Storpocket

    av Hamilton Bailey, J S P Lumley

    Storpocket, Engelska, 2000-01-01, ISBN 9780750643399

    A self-assessment picture test book and revision aid. It is based on "Hamilton Bailey's Demonstrations of Physical Signs in Clinical Surgery" (18th edition), but can also be used as a stand-alone reference. It seeks to provide the consci...

  23. Love Cure Storpocket

    av John R Haule

    Storpocket, Engelska, 1996-01-01, ISBN 9780882145136

    In the profoundly intimate exchange of therapy, patients allow a therapist to enter the most personal and private reaches of their lives, thus evoking the therapist's sensitivities. This book examines what draws analyst and patient into each other...

  24. Flower Essences Storpocket

    av Michaelle Small-Wright

    Storpocket, Engelska, 1997-01-01, ISBN 9780961771331
  25. This Child Of Mine Storpocket

    av Martha Wakenshaw

    Storpocket, Engelska, 2001-01-01, ISBN 9780967473604

    This volume is a child therapist's personal account of treating emotionally traumatized chilren through play therapy and expressive art therapies. It contains the author's memories of growing up and her personal transformation as she confronts her...

  26. Livslust livet ut - arbetsbok. Handledning i Eva Liljevall-processen Storpocket

    av Angelina Liljevall

    Storpocket, Svenska, 2017-10-31, ISBN 9789172511705

    Arbetsboken är utvecklad för verksamheter som vill införa Eva Liljevall-processen. Den ska användas tillsammans med faktaboken med samma namn.

  27. GLUKKE SOLBARN - Nu med DVD-n på Youtube Storpocket

    av Agneta Zimmerman

    Storpocket, Svenska, 2013-05-25, ISBN 9789187247354

    Jan Davidsson, professor vid Institutet för Fotokemi och Molekylärvetenskap Ångströmlaboratoriet i Uppsala. "Boken Glukke solbarn är ett lysande exempel på hur man kan framställa kemi och naturvetenskap på ett förståeligt och intresseväckande...

  28. Cancer och vad Gud lärde mig Storpocket

    av Madeleine Wallgren

    Storpocket, Svenska, 2009-03-05Unga vuxna

    Beskedet kom per telefon av en vikarierande läkare: "Madeleine, jag måste berätta detta för dig. Cytologprovet visade att tumören är elakartad. Det är alltså bröstcancer du fått." Jag hade inte räknat med denna prövning, men hade indirek...

  29. 100 % hälsa på jobbet Storpocket

    av Dr Tomas Forslund

    Storpocket, Svenska, 2006-10-01, ISBN 9789197588034

    Läkaren Tomas Forslund berättar in sin positiva bok om hur du kan göra för att få en bättre hälsa och hur du och dina medarbetare kan prestera mer och bättre när du tänker smartare på hälsoarbetet. Det här är en investering som heter duga.