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  1. Short Walk in the Hindu Kush Ljudbok

    av Eric Newby

    Ljudbok, Engelska, 2017-02-23, ISBN 9780008242930

    A classic of travel writing, 'A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush' is Eric Newby's iconic account of his journey through one of the most remote and beautiful wildernesses on earth. It was 1956, and Eric Newby was earning an improbable living in the cha...

  2. Eiger Dreams Ljudbok

    av Jon Krakauer

    Ljudbok, Engelska, 2017-11-07, ISBN 9780525633099

    No one writes about mountaineering and its attendant victories and hardships more brilliantly than Jon Krakauer.. In this collection of thirteen of his finest essays and reporting including the essay, ';Is Yosemite Going To The Dogs' Krakauer writ...

  3. Adrift Ljudbok

    av Steven Callahan

    Ljudbok, Engelska, 2007-05-25, ISBN 9781423336464

    Before The Perfect Storm, before In the Heart of the Sea, Steven Callahans Adrift chronicled one of the most astounding voyages of the century and one of the great sea adventures of all time. In some ways the model for the new wave of adventure bo...

  4. Travels in Siberia Ljudbok

    av Ian Frazier

    Ljudbok, Engelska, 2010-10-12, ISBN 9781427210548

    A Dazzling Russian travelogue from the bestselling author of Great PlainsIn Travels in Siberia, Ian Frazier trains his eye for unforgettable detail on Siberia, that vast expanse of Asiatic Russia. He explores many aspects of this storied, often gr...

  5. Carsick Ljudbok

    av John Waters

    Ljudbok, Engelska, 2014-06-03, ISBN 9781427244031

    A cross-country hitchhiking journey with America's most beloved weirdoJohn Waters is putting his life on the line. Armed with wit, a pencil-thin mustache, and a cardboard sign that reads "e;I'm Not Psycho,"e; he hitchhikes across America f...

  6. Land of the Midnight Sun Ljudbok

    av Alexander Armstrong

    Ljudbok, Engelska, 2015-10-08, ISBN 9781473526167

    In an adventure of a lifetime, Alexander Armstrong heads north in to an ever more hostile Arctic winter to explore the farthest reaches of the globe. In an epic journey, he navigates some of the Earth's toughest terrain, first travelling through t...

  7. Bullseye Ljudbok

    av James Patterson

    Ljudbok, Engelska, 2016-07-28, ISBN 9781473536494

    As the most powerful men on earth gather in New York for a meeting of the UN, Detective Michael Bennett receives intelligence warning that there will be an assassination attempt on the US president. Even more shocking, the intelligence suggests th...

  8. In Morocco Ljudbok

    av Edith Wharton

    Ljudbok, Engelska, 2008-10-09, ISBN 9781481547994

    "e;To step on board a steamer in a Spanish port, and three hours later to land in a country without a guidebook, is a sensation to rouse the hunger of the most replete sightseer. The sensation is attainable by any one who will take the trouble...

  9. Travels in Alaska Ljudbok

    av John Muir

    Ljudbok, Engelska, 2012-04-12, ISBN 9781481558198

    In the late 1800s, John Muir made several trips to the pristine, relatively unexplored territory of Alaska, irresistibly drawn to its awe-inspiring glaciers and its wild menagerie of bears, bald eagles, wolves, and whales. Half poet and half geolo...

  10. Lady and the Monk Ljudbok

    av Pico Iyer

    Ljudbok, Engelska, 2011-04-05, ISBN 9781481578561

    When Pico Iyer decided to go to Kyoto and live in a monastery, he did so to learn about Zen Buddhism from the inside, to get to know Kyoto, one of the loveliest old cities in the world, and to find out something about Japanese culture today-not th...

  11. Affair with Africa Ljudbok

    av Alzada Carlisle Kistner

    Ljudbok, Engelska, 2005-06-22, ISBN 9781481578769

    In June 1960, a young faculty wife named Alzada Kistner and her husband David, a promising entomologist, left their eighteen-month-old daughter in the care of relatives and began what was to be a four-month scientific expedition in the Belgian Con...

  12. Fast Company Ljudbok

    av David M Gross

    Ljudbok, Engelska, 2006-01-01, ISBN 9781481581967

    David Gross is working as a corporate lawyer in New York when a friend calls to invite him to move to Bologna to help turn around a legendary Italian motorcycle company, known for its dominance on the track and its inability to turn a profit. Off ...

  13. Paris, Paris Ljudbok

    av David Downie

    Ljudbok, Engelska, 2013-11-15, ISBN 9781481594264

    Swapping his native San Francisco for the City of Light, travel writer David Downie arrived in Paris in 1986 on a one-way ticket, his head full of romantic notions. Curiosity and the legs of a cross-country runner propelled him daily from an unhea...

  14. Lost on Planet China Ljudbok

    av J Maarten Troost

    Ljudbok, Engelska, 2008-07-08, ISBN 9781483051536

    Troost charmed listeners with his humorous tales of wandering the remote islands of the South Pacific in The Sex Lives of Cannibals and Getting Stoned with Savages. When the travel bug bit again, he took on the world's most populous and intriguing...

  15. Hong Kong Ljudbok

    av Jan Morris

    Ljudbok, Engelska, 2012-08-07, ISBN 9781483072982

    Hong Kong is the world's most exciting city, at once fascinating and exasperating, a tangle of contradictions. It is a dazzling amalgam of conspicuous consumption and primitive poverty, the most architecturally incongruous yet undeniably beautiful...

  16. Innocents Abroad Ljudbok

    av Mark Twain

    Ljudbok, Engelska, 2011-08-24, ISBN 9781483090368

    In June 1867, Mark Twain set out for Europe and the Holy Land on the paddle steamer Quaker City. His enduring, no-nonsense guide for the first-time traveler also served as an antidote to the insufferably romantic travel books of the period. "e...

  17. Healthy Living in the Catskills Ljudbok

    av Joe Bevilacqua

    Ljudbok, Engelska, 2013-04-01, ISBN 9781483095981

    In this two-hour public-radio documentary, husband and wife Joe Bevilacqua (Joe Bev) and Lorie Kellogg explore the rural byways within four miles of their home in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains of New York State and find local business ow...

  18. Year in the Merde Ljudbok

    av Stephen Clarke

    Ljudbok, Engelska, 2005-05-09, ISBN 9781593977566

    An urban antidote to A Year in Provence, Stephen Clarke's book is a laugh-out-loud account of a year in the life of an expat in Paris- for Francophiles and Francophobes alikeA YEAR IN THE MERDE is the almost-true account of the author's adventures...

  19. Chasing the Monsoon Ljudbok

    av Alexander Frater

    Ljudbok, Engelska, 2012-08-01, ISBN 9781624607561

    This is the inspiring story of how one man realized his dream of witnessing firsthand the most dramatic of meteorological events: the Indian monsoon. Alexander Frater spent the first six years of his life on a South Pacific island, where his fathe...