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  1. Omgiven av idioter E-bok

    av Thomas Erikson, Thomas Erikson

    E-bok, Svenska, 2014-05-28, ISBN 9789175578781

    Har du någon gång försökt resonera med din partner och ingenting gick som du tänkt dig? Eller i förvirring lämnat ett möte med känslan att du inte begrep dig på de övriga i rummet? Och värst av allt: vissa verkar aldrig förstå vad du säger - hur t...

  2. Fundamentals of Risk Management E-bok

    av Paul Hopkin

    E-bok, Engelska, 2017-01-03, ISBN 9780749479626

    Fundamentals of Risk Management, now in its fourth edition, is a comprehensive introduction to commercial and business risk for students and a broad range of risk professionals. Providing extensive coverage of the core frameworks of business conti...

  3. Companion to Development Studies, Third Edition E-bok

    av Vandana Desai, Rob Potter

    E-bok, Engelska, 2014-03-21, ISBN 9781134051595

    The Companion to Development Studies contains over a hundred chapters written by leading international experts within the field to provide a concise and authoritative overview of the key theoretical and practical issues dominating contemporary dev...

  4. Social Media E-bok

    av Christian Fuchs

    E-bok, Engelska, 2017-02-20, ISBN 9781473988248

    &quote;Timely new chapters on China and the 'sharing economy' of Uber and Airbnb strengthen an already vital contribution to communication studies. Through the lens of critical theory, Fuchs provides the essential text for students of our new medi...

  5. Successful Qualitative Research E-bok

    av Virginia Braun, Victoria Clarke

    E-bok, Engelska, 2013-03-22, ISBN 9781446289518

    *Shortlisted for the BPS Book Award 2014 in the Textbook Category**Winner of the 2014 Distinguished Publication Award (DPA) from the Association for Women in Psychology (AWP)*Successful Qualitative Research: A Practical Guide for Beginners is an a...

  6. Advanced Digital Preservation E-bok

    av David Giaretta

    E-bok, Engelska, 2011-06-01, ISBN 9783642168093

    There is growing recognition of the need to address the fragility of digital information, on which our society heavily depends for smooth operation in all aspects of daily life. This has been discussed in many books and articles on digital preserv...

  7. Research Methods for Sports Studies E-bok

    av Ian Jones

    E-bok, Engelska, 2014-12-05, ISBN 9781317749882

    Research Methods for Sports Studies is a comprehensive, engaging and practical textbook that provides a complete grounding in both qualitative and quantitative research methods for the sports studies student. Leading the reader step-by-step throug...

  8. Automating with PROFINET E-bok

    av Raimond Pigan, Mark Metter

    E-bok, Engelska, 2015-10-29, ISBN 9783895789502

    PROFINET is the first integrated Industrial Ethernet Standard for automation, and utilizes the advantages of Ethernet and TCP/IP for open communication from the corporate management level to the process itself. PROFINET CBA divides distributed, co...

  9. Making Gender, Making War E-bok

    av Annica Kronsell, Erika Svedberg

    E-bok, Engelska, 2011-09-08, ISBN 9781136632136

    Making Gender, Making War is a unique interdisciplinary edited collection which explores the social construction of gender, war-making and peacekeeping. It highlights the institutions and processes involved in the making of gender in terms of both...

  10. Green Development E-bok

    av Bill Adams

    E-bok, Engelska, 2008-07-30, ISBN 9781134158386

    The concept of sustainability lies at the core of the challenge of environment and development and the way governments, business and environmental groups respond to it. Green Development provides a clear and coherent analysis of sustainable develo...

  11. Introduction to Qualitative Research E-bok

    av Uwe Flick

    E-bok, Engelska, 2014-01-20, ISBN 9781446297711

    Lecturers - request an e-inspection copy of this text or contact your local SAGE representative to discuss your course needs.In the new edition of his bestselling book, Uwe Flick introduces all of the main theoretical approaches to qualitative res...

  12. Social Policy in a Development Context E-bok

    av T Mkandawire

    E-bok, Engelska, 2004-11-10, ISBN 9780230523975

    Drawing upon both conceptual and empirical evidence, this volume argues the case for the centrality of social policy in development, focusing particularly on the message that social policy needs to be closely intertwined with economic policy. It i...

  13. Network Society E-bok

    av Jan Van Dijk

    E-bok, Engelska, 2012-04-20, ISBN 9781446289990

    The Network Society is now more than ever the essential guide to the past, consequences and future of digital communication. Fully revised, this Third Edition covers crucial new issues and updates, including: the long history of social media and W...

  14. Challenging Global Inequality E-bok

    av Alastair Greig, David Hulme, Mark Turner

    E-bok, Engelska, 2007-01-16, ISBN 9780230208407

    This major new text on development theory and practice takes as its starting point the challenge of overcoming global poverty and inequality. It traces the origins of the idea of Development Studies and introduces the main methodologies and theori...

  15. Organizational Change E-bok

    av Laurie Lewis

    E-bok, Engelska, 2011-03-21, ISBN 9781444340358

    Organizational Change integrates major empirical, theoretical and conceptual approaches to implementing communication in organizational settings. Laurie Lewis ties together the disparate literatures in management, education, organizational sociolo...

  16. Sex in Cyberspace E-bok

    av Sarah Earle, Keith Sharp

    E-bok, Engelska, 2016-04-01, ISBN 9781317056881

    Sex in Cyberspace offers a bold and provocative, yet sensitively written, account of an under-investigated area of sociological enquiry. While there is a considerable amount of research documenting the experiences of sex workers, very little data ...

  17. Understanding Digital Games E-bok

    av Jason Rutter, Jo Bryce

    E-bok, Engelska, 2006-04-20, ISBN 9781446235966

    There are an increasing number of courses on digital games and gaming, following the rise in the popularity of games themselves. Amongst these practical courses, there are now theoretical courses appearing on gaming on media, film and cultural stu...

  18. Doing Ethnographies E-bok

    av Mike Crang, Ian Cook

    E-bok, Engelska, 2007-03-12, ISBN 9781446226827

    Doing Ethnographies is an introductory and applied guide to ethnographic methods. It focuses on those methods - participant observation, interviewing, focus groups, and video/photographic work - that allow us to understand the lived, everyday worl...

  19. Heritage E-bok

    av Rodney Harrison

    E-bok, Engelska, 2012-09-10, ISBN 9781136267673

    Historic sites, memorials, national parks, museums...we live in an age in which heritage is ever-present. But what does it mean to live amongst the spectral traces of the past, the heterogeneous piling up of historic materials in the present? How ...

  20. Exploring Professional Communication E-bok

    av Stephanie Schnurr

    E-bok, Engelska, 2012-12-13, ISBN 9781136212956

    Routledge Introductions to Applied Linguistics is a series of introductory level textbooks covering the core topics in Applied Linguistics, primarily designed for those beginning postgraduate studies, or taking an introductory MA course as well as...

  21. Managing Conflict through Communication: Pearson New International Edition E-bok

    av Dudley D Cahn, Ruth Anna Abigail

    E-bok, Engelska, 2013-10-03, ISBN 9781292052229

    Comprehensive and accessible coverage of the study of conflict Managing Conflict Through Communication helps students approach conflict constructively and learn more positive conflict management and resolution skills. Narratives and case studies m...

  22. Strategic Management in the Media E-bok

    av Lucy Kung

    E-bok, Engelska, 2008-04-11, ISBN 9781473903845

    &quote;This book provides vital insights into the elements of strategy and their application to media firms. Solidly grounded in theory but not pedantic, it is essential reading for those who make or wish to comprehend choices of media companies.&...

  23. Routledge Encyclopedia of Film Theory E-bok

    av Edward Branigan, Warren Buckland

    E-bok, Engelska, 2013-12-04, ISBN 9781136472626

    The Routledge Encyclopedia of Film Theory is an international reference work representing the essential ideas and concepts at the centre of film theory from the beginning of the twentieth century, to the beginning of the twenty-first.When first en...

  24. Risk Society and Beyond E-bok

    av Barbara Adam, Ulrich Beck, Joost Van Loon

    E-bok, Engelska, 2000-05-25, ISBN 9781446222676

    Ulrich Beck's best selling Risk Society established risk on the sociological agenda. It brought together a wide range of issues centering on environmental, health and personal risk, provided a rallying ground for researchers and activists in a var...

  25. Understanding Conflict Resolution E-bok

    av Peter Wallensteen

    E-bok, Engelska, 2015-04-09, ISBN 9781473927728

    This book provides you with the perfect introduction to your studies in peace and conflict resolution and equips you with the tools you need to analyse real-world cases.Drawing on recent research and examples from around the world, the new edition...

  26. Advancing Relational Leadership Research E-bok

    av Mary Uhlbien, Sonia M Ospina

    E-bok, Engelska, 2012-01-10, ISBN 9781617359231

    Leaders and followers live in a relational world-a world in which leadership occurs in complex webs of relationships and dynamically changing contexts. Despite this, our theories of leadership are grounded in assumptions of individuality and linea...

  27. Systematic Approaches to a Successful Literature Review E-bok

    av Andrew Booth, Diana Papaioannou, Anthea Sutton

    E-bok, Engelska, 2011-12-16, ISBN 9781446289440

    Reviewing the literature is an essential part of every research project. This book takes you step-by-step through the process of approaching your literature review systematically, applying systematic principles to a wide range of literature review...

  28. Oxford Companion to Wine E-bok

    av Jancis Robinson, Julia Harding

    E-bok, Engelska, 2015-09-17, ISBN 9780191016073

    Published in 1994 to worldwide acclaim, the first edition of Jancis Robinsons seminal volume immediately attained legendary status, winning every major wine book award including the Glenfiddich and Julia Child/IACP awards, as well as writer and wo...

  29. Understanding Conflict Resolution E-bok

    av Peter Wallensteen

    E-bok, Engelska, 2011-11-10, ISBN 9781446289877

    The eagerly awaited new edition of this highly-popular text continues to be the most lucid and engaging book available on conflict resolution and peace agreements. Peter Wallensteen, a renowned academic in the field, draws on recent research and e...

  30. Qualitative Research in Business and Management E-bok

    av Michael D Myers

    E-bok, Engelska, 2013-03-21, ISBN 9781446290286

    Electronic Inspection Copy available for instructors hereAn expansive, yet remarkably concise and accessible resource, Qualitative Research in Business and Management is designed to help qualitative researchers with all aspects of their research p...