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Om Bob Dylan

Lite bakgrund till 2017 års litteraturpris

27 oktober 2019

Jag hade just läst David Daltons 'Who is that man', en bok från 2012, som försöker finna vem kameleonten Bob Dylan är egentligen när jag fann den nyligen bortgångna Sara Danius bok. Hon här ger en bakgrund till varför Dylan var en värdig vinnare av Litteraturpriset. Det är klart att hon också läst Daltons bok och även litteraturprofessorn Christoffer Ricks bok 'Dylans visions of sin', som påvisar Dylans litteraturmässiga meriter.
Danius bok är värt at läsa för alla Dylanfans och för dem som tvivlat om det var rätt att ge Dylan priset.

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The House at Riverton

Upstairs Downstairs at Riverton Manor

30 mars 2020

Kate Morton's first novel sets the theme for many of her later books. Houses seem to fascinate her. The house, Riverton Manor, is the central figure and the family that lives in, and the servants that run it, flesh out its story. A genogram (a k a family tree) would help you work out who is related to whom. The story begins in 1914 when Grace arrives at the house and follows her until her death in 1999. We follow the ups and downs both above and below stairs through the lives of Hannah and her sister Emmeline and, of course, Hannah's lady's maid, Grace, who, after faithful service, a brief marriage that produced a daughter, turns to academia and becomes an archeologist.
In the acknowledgements at the end of the book, Kate cites the various books that inspired her. Among them A.S. Byatt's Possession -- one of my personal favourites -- which has a plot suspiciously similar to Kate Morton's latest million-selling novel The Clockmaker's Daughter.

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Clockmaker's Daughter

A Good Read

11 mars 2020

I enjoy historical fiction and Kate Morton's best selling novel jumps between 2017 and 1862 with stops in 1901, 1928, 1940, 1962.
In the book, The Clockmaker's Daughter is a mid 19th Century orphan handed over to Mrs Mack who schools her in petty crime. She is discovered by a budding artist, becomes his muse and mysteriously disappears at the same time as the artist's family heirloom vanishes. Naturally, she is accused of stealing it and escaping to America.
The whole story evolves in 2017 when an archivist finds a satchel with a mysterious photo and a sketch book that leads her to a twin-gabled house with eight chimneys and the spectre that lives there.
It is a convoluted story and I had to read it through twice to be able to follow all the threads (and I needed to draw family trees of several of the main characters to place them.)
The story of discovery of lost documents leading to a hunt for their origins, uncovering a love story reminded me of another of my favourite books which has a strikingly similar plot (though without the spectre): A.S. Byatt's "Possession".
Read Byatt's first and the The Clockmaker's Daughter.

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Factory Made

Andy Warhol's sixties-the Silver Factory revealed

9 oktober 2019

Steven Watson has provided us with an amazing insight into the workings of Andy Warhol's Silver Factory and the people who populated it. Watson's detailed research provides important information on Warhol's most creative period between 1961 and June 1968, when he was shot by Valerie Solanas.

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A Life in Thirty-Five Boxes

Could you sell your much loved collection?

2 oktober 2019

As someone who had to sell his record collection, I thought this book would answer many questions.
I believe that it takes a life-changing event to make someone part with a much-loved collection. In my case drastic downsizing when the family moved from a big house to a small flat.
Dave Haslam was once DJ at Manchester's Hacienda Club and amassed an amazing collection of records. In this little book (just over 50 pages) he describes collecting and collectors and his decision to sell his record collection all packed up in 35 boxes.
Dave Haslam's little treatise is an interesting read, but ultimately unsatisying as he really doesn't say the real reason he arrived at the decision to sell.

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Gene Eating

Busting all the diet myths

24 juli 2019

Dr Yeo is a well known health expert from BBC TV. He has written a useful guide to the genetics of obesity, its hormones and how they affect appetite and this weight. He debunks most of the current fad diets and stresses the importance of the environment in the availability of energy dense foods as well as the role of gut bacteria in maintaining a constant body weight.
Definitely worth reading even if you don't need to lose weight.

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Warhol bio by an early friend

14 april 2019

Art critic David Bourdon was a friend of Warhol's from the early sixties and this bio illustrates Warhol's artistic development. It is richly illustrated with colour pictures where most other biographies only have black and white photos.

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Andy Warhol-From A to B and Back Again

Catalogue from Whitney Museum's major Warhol retro

13 april 2019

Comes in transparent plastic to protect the gold dust jacket that echoes "Gold Marilyn". Heavy. Almost every work in the exhibition is shown. A nice coffee-table book but ultimately disposable. Only for those who saw the exhibition and want a memento, or for Warhol nerds who need everything about his work.

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Grief Is the Thing with Feathers

A moving read

13 april 2019

Airport. Long wait for flight to be announced. Wander through the duty-free shops. End up in a book store. Can't find anything I want to read. Pick a random book. It just happens to be this one. Open it distractedly and read two pages. Am caught. Buy it. Read it in two hours! Captures grief perfectly, but you better know your Ted Hughes to get full value from it. Go on, try it yourself...

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