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Smart Fun Read - with a powerful lead character

21 juli 2018

This had everything smarts, love, action. It is the kind of book you want to call your girlfriend and discuss the whole way through (I did!) Mia is a dynamic lead character. I
l'll admit, I meet women in this profile in my corporate life and they can come across as 'cold' it was especially interesting to go into her mind and see her sensitivity and made me rethink my own prejudice we can have on successful career woman. This is a discussion I want to have with my emerging young adult daughters and my girlfriends.

It had suspense, and thought-provoking relationship challenges - it addressed the man/woman power struggle as we try to be the women our mothers were - but to be the women we want to be to succeed in modern society. The Lean In and have it all celebration has real challenges to address that are not easy.

The author comes from New York and lives in Stockholm Sweden where equality is celebrated. It is also one of the places with the most single women reside and the average age of a first child is 38. Looking Good, Being Healthy, Being Smart and Successful, Having a family / it is a lot of pulls. And unfortunately, the old institutions like the Finance Industry that Mia works in, haven't been as fast to update to the balance that we say should be possible. Is it better to be in there fitting the fight, earning well and achieving the life we can achieve for ourselves or to put the focus on how to have the best home-life peace?

We still have a long way, ladies! But I'm really glad this author Jennifer Dalberg has crafted a book with such a strong and lovable personality that gives us the opportunity to have these discussions and rethink our own prejudices.

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