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House Of Velvet And Glass

Sort of old fashioned book about a family in a...

29 juni 2013

Sort of old fashioned book about a family in a claustrophobic upper-middle class society
in Boston, 1915, after the "Titanic " tragedy, seeking confort in spiritualism, mediums, crystalballs and opium. Very atmospheric, slow, very slow, giving a feeling of sadness and expectation of something terrible to happen. I read every single line waiting for it...

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Slade House


29 december 2015

An unparalelled writer !

He sees through "the membrane between worlds". His ideas about the "orizons", the sucking
of souls, mortality, immortality,time " time is, time is not, time was" and the way he handles it
in his books is breathtaking, scaring, striking, remarkable.

You will love it or hate it.

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The Museum of Extraordinary Things


7 december 2015

A dark and daunting story mixing fiction and some real facts.

Very sinister, the museum showing "freaks" the funfair with the encarcered wild
animals ,the fire at the Shirtwaist Factory and the Dreamland fire where so many
people died.

But all this is wrapped up in Alice Hoffman's magical writtng and she transforms
darkness into light, gives beauty and love to any situation.

A fantastic story teller,

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Fear of Dying

Have no fear

25 november 2015

Erika Jong is Erika Jong whatever her fears are :"of flying " "of fifty " "of dying
Spirited, witty hilarious touching, profund Many feelings and many truths in
her analysis of life and death

I read it as sowly as possible to enjoy it longer.,

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The Medici Mirror


25 november 2015

A delightful story about an antique mirror, a pair of beautiful old shoes and a velvet ribbon
waiting in the darkness of a celler of a big old factory...

The characters : some are alive and some are dead. Mysterious, dense. foggy atmosphere.
Mix of dream and reality, visions and halucinations.Tension !
Who is the killer ? One of the living or one of the dead ??

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Beyond the Sea


2 oktober 2015

A tragic story. Freya's son and husband are lost at sea, and she, in her loneliness at the
lighthouse's cottage tries to imagine them back, and to revive their last trip.
Beautifully, beautifully written !
The mysterious Hebrides islands with their long story of celtic, norse and english influences,
myths and legends, fascinating and dangerous caves, and the Atlantic, imense and powerful
Myth and reality mixes in an wonderful blendig.

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Green Road

Very very good

2 oktober 2015

A family : two brothers and two sisters, all living their troubled lives in differents parts
of the world ; the mother, alone,in the old , big house on Ireland's atlantic coast.

The characters are vividly described, with so much sensitivity,we feel like we know them,
understand their problems

And then the mother decides to sell the house and have a last reunion there, and they all come.
They will meet not only each other, but confront their past, their feelings, their reminiscences.
and the changes that inevitably will happen.

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H is for Hawk


26 augusti 2015

Grieving her father, she isolates herself and decides to get a hawk. In his memory,
to occupy herself and not feel the terrible loss.
Then comes her obssession for T,H.White's books,his life, his tormented, sensitive soul
and his hawk.
She recurs to him constantly (almost half of the book is White's texts) she has a behov
to get confirmation from others, tries to explain herself, to make excuses...
Her descriptions of the nature are nice but repetitive (too many dead rabbits... )
"To tame" is to break, to subdue, and it is never perfect, not with wild animals and not
with past traumas and sufferings..

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The Art of Hearing Heartbeats

A fairy-tale for adults

11 juli 2015

Primary oriental philosophy. The essence of things, the art of observing,
listening, passive ways to perceive the world, the fundamental peaceful
budist atittude to life.

Soft, slow, beautiful but not impressive.

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