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Marketing goes digital : 12 Practices for business s...

Meaningful innovation made tangible

2 oktober 2016

Finally a Marketing book that not only talks about digital but brings it into action. Highlighting a data-led, human and purposeful approach being the seeds to success.

Getting started is often what prevents businesses from transforming. A book that will make businesses see digital as an opportunity rather then a headache. With concrete tools and to do lists the authors make digital innovation and transformation doable for any business.

A personal highlight is the fact that this book stresses the importance of people being centric for any business transformation in an age where machines and technology are often put first. It goes beyond describing how to be more successful by innovating or creating a new business concept. Instead it draws special attention back to the core of why and what we are innovating for.

A lot of reading fun combined with concrete action points reflected in to do lists and games.

Very much recommended to anybody who wants to be part of an exciting journey of transforming the world through meaningful innovation.

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