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Sydamerika - Min matpassion

So basic. I could do better myself.

18 maj 2017

I didn't really expect that someone would have the nerve to write a "recipe" for how someone should put grated cheese beteeen two tortillas, and put it in a frying pan to cook. Do I really need someone to tell me how to cook quesadillas? Nope, and I don't think the vast majority of people would, either. I just found the recipes incredibly basic, boring, and patronising. Not one recipe excites me, or made me keen to get in the kitchen and cook it straightaway. "Mexican" soup? What exactly is that? As far as I know, there isn't such a thing as a national soup in Mexico, unless you count menudo soup, which is traditionally made with beef stomach. Maybe the writer's dish could be re-named "slightly spicy tomato soup", which would be more accurate. After all, you can't just call something "Mexican" because it has chili in it. And by the way, the home-made tortillas look terribly dry and brittle in the pictures. I think the writer really could have done with learning some skills in the kitchen, and broadened her food horizons instead of rushing out something which any half-decent cook will find useless, because they can do better themselves. Incidentally, I bought Catarina König's book at the same time, and thought this was miles better. Choose that instead.

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Varje dag är en fest: Vinnare av Sveriges Mästerkock...

Looks gorgeous, I can't wait to try the recipes!

19 maj 2017

This looks amazing, and there are tons of recipes that I can't wait to try. From salmon with chive mash and lemon butter sauce, to American cookie with ice cream, it just looks divine. Beautiful pictures, tasty recipes, and just a really good book. Buy it! :)

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Dags att bli smal! LCHF på mitt sätt

Nice recipes, but book is full of mistakes!!

28 oktober 2012

This book has many errors! I made Taco gratang. I noticed Katrin doesn't say which temperature for the oven, or how long to cook. This is a BASIC! It was ok, as I have lots of cooking experience, & I managed to guess. But for someone who is not used to cooking, it could be a disaster!Then I made kladdkaka-the one which is in one of the blog entries which are in the book (there's another kladdkaka in the recipe section).She said cook for 10 minutes, & "not a second longer".This is wrong.When I removed it after 10 minutes, it was still liquid.So I ignored her, & cooked for 20-25 minutes.Thirdly, I read about her kolesterol.She lists figures for good & bad kolesterol, & states the total. In both cases (the figures before she started lchf & after she started), the totals are wrong!
Good point: The things I cooked were all delicious! Taco gratang was great, also the kladdkaka was really nice, & the chicken with grönsaker was also yummy. I also made the plattar & they were lovely!

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