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The Grammar Book

A masterpiece!

28 januari 2003

In my view, this is without doubt the most meticulous and comprehensive book on the subject matter. Containing virtually every imaginable aspect of english grammar, Grammar Book will probably achieve a special status at universities worldwide. No other book on the market contains so much information! What is more, Grammar Book is well-structured; a factor which facilitates comprehension of important grammatical points. By the time you master this book, you will have dramatically improved your grammatical and communicative skills. Of all the books that I have reviewed so far, Grammar Book is irrefutably a masterpiece in its field. Please note that Grammar Book has been primarily intended for ESL/EFL teachers. Buy it!

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Hodges' Harbrace Handbook 14th Edition

An Impressive Achievement!

23 januari 2003

Having read this book, I can sincerely recommend it to every serious student of english language. Written in a clear and lucid way, this book encompasses virtually every aspect of english language, from grammar to punctuation and writing. Never have I seen a book that contains so much information explained so lucidly and accessibly. Key grammatical points have been presented in addition to valuable advice on writing a research paper. Words are simply not enough to describe this book. Masterpiece will not suffice.

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Blood and Vengeance: One Family's Story of the War i...


17 december 2002

Sudetic explores in this groundbreaking work the principal causes of the Bosnian war. Containing major historical events, the book attempts to explain which historical factors may have contributed to the conflict in Bosnia. In addition to an unusually accurate and meticulous research of Bosnian history, Sudetic also describes the tragic fate of a Bosnian family who lived to tell about the unimaginable atrocities that took place in Srebrenica. This is without doubt the most comprehensive and in-depth description of the gruesome massacre of Bosnian muslims in Srebrenica. For those who wish to understand the chief causes of the genocide in Bosnia, this is undoubtedly a riveting and meticulous reference.

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Collins COBUILD English Dictionary For Advanced Lear...


13 december 2002

This is without doubt the most comprehensive dictionary on the market. The structure of the book facilitates comprehension of any given word in different contexts in addition to providing a lucid and detailed definition of the target word. Cobuild's dictionaries are, in my opinion, unsurpassable in every aspect. Upper-graduate students should find this dictionary very useful. Highly recommended!

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A comprehensive account of Bosnian history

13 december 2002

Malcolm has managed to write an accurate and comprehensive account of major historical events in Bosnia. This book is well written, well structured and most importantly meticulously researched. Moreover, the author helps explain what historical factors may have contributed to the war in Bosnia. What I like about this book in particular is that the author is unbiased and meticulous in his writing. A large number of references are included and it is clear that the author had conducted a thorough research prior to completing his book. This book will help you gain a richer understanding of the historical factors that may have played an important role in the Bosnian conflict. Arguably, the best book on the subject matter.

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Grammar for English Language Teachers

A comprehensive and lucid reference

11 december 2002

As is evident from the book's title, this book is intended for practising and prospective english teachers. Its simple structure enables the teacher to teach grammar lucidly and effectively. Every chapter features an analysis of common difficulties that students encounter when studying grammar. This advantage will help you identify the difficulties and consequently reveal the efficient ways to help students deal with troublesome points of grammar.
In the following, I will account for the chief characteristics of this book:
1. a very simple structure,
2. an in-depth analysis of complex sentence structures,
3. the identification of typical grammatical difficulties,
4. its methodological and pedagogical structure,
5. its simple terminology
6. it is comprehensive, well written and lucid.
The above mentioned features should help you decide if this is the book that might improve your grammatical skills.

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Medjugorje The Message

A deliberate attempt to deceive the public

9 december 2002

You have to be very gullible and naive to believe in this nonsense. In his book, Weible attempts to convince the reader that the apparitions in Medjugorje actually took place. However, scientists have not been able to produce any evidence in support of these claims. Weible's book contains nothing but cunning Croatian propaganda and sheer lies. The principal objective of his book is to draw the attention to Medjugorje and to attract tourists from all over the world. It is clear that the alleged apparitions are a mere artifice, which sole purpose is to boost tourism and accordingly maximize profit of the croatian government. In my opinion, Christian fanaticism and extremism are the chief characteristics of this book. In conclusion, this is a pure Christian propaganda; a pathetic attempt to manipulate and deceive the public. People who are susceptible to religious fanaticism and those who are mentally unstable should find this book an enjoyable read.

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Hilgard's Introduction to Psychology

Invaluable introduction

7 december 2002

In my opinion "Hilgard's Introduction to Psychology" is undoubtedly the most comprehensive introductory book of psychology. It is well-written and well structured; every chapter features key concepts and lucid summaries. The authors use simple terminology that facilitates comprehension. Moreover, each chapter is structured so that you easily can find important concepts. All major categories are included, some of which are: perception, brain and nervous system, abnormal psychology etc. If you want to gain an important insight into psychology, this is the best book on the market. What is even more important is that you can buy it here at a good price. Strongly recommended.

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Silent No More: Confronting America's False Images o...


6 december 2002

In his book Findley dares to confront the false images of Islam and to provide an accurate image of Muslims. Undoubtedly, the false images of Islam that pervade our western societies are largely based on ignorance and a deliberate misrepresentation of facts. Many people view Muslims as atavistic, fanatic and intractable. These opinions are ignorant, fallacious and unwarranted; they are based on preconceived ideas and bigotry. The principal purpose of education is to combat and obliterate prejudice. Nevertheless parochialism is highly evident in western socities; this is a paradox. It has been corroborated that the majority of Americans loathe Muslims. This book will reveal bigotry, ignorance, parochialism and islamophobia; these elements are characteristic of our western societies.

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