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Antisocial Behavior

An important insight into psychopathology.

3 december 2002

Wolman has written an interesting and well argued book. His theory helps explain the possible causes of mental disorders and development of antisocial behavior. Moreover, he explores societal and familial factors that may contribute to the development of pathological disorders, such as sociopathy and psychopathy. What I like about this book in particular is the fact that the writer employs an integrated approach to personality disorders. As is well known, there is no one theory that can explain why some people develop maladaptive behavioral patterns. Wolman's principal postulation is that moral values are either universal or non-existent. I agree with Wolman, knowing right from wrong is crucial to the development of a healthy personality. Furthermore, he claims that children of hyper-permissive parents have a proclivity to become sociopaths in adolescence. Highly recommended.

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Propaganda and the Public Mind

A masterpiece

29 november 2002

Chomsky is in my view one of the most proficient and intelligent writers in the world. In this book, Chomsky reveals enormous inequalities that pervade plutocratic societies in the west. According to Chomsky, societal structures in the west are characterized by Machiavellian values. Differences between rich and poor people are constantly on the increase. Moreover, the disadvantaged have little if any influence on domestic and foreign politics. Nomsky claims that rich people utilize a very useful tool in controlling the public mind, namely propaganda. Most people are unaware of the cunning methods that those in power use to influence people's thinking. These methods are highly elaborate and sophisticated. This book will reveal extreme injustices that characterize our societies. I strongly recommend this book to those who dare question the imposed thruth that we hold to be self-evident.

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Word Smart


24 november 2002

This is a highly effective way to improve and enhance your vocabulary. This book contains the most important words that every educated person needs to know. Prior to my purchasing this book, I read several editorial reviews on this book. All the reviews were promising and the reviewers highly recommended this book. At first I was skeptical but I decided to purchase the book anyhow. Imagine my surpsrise when I learned that the book is really well written and well structured. Every word in the book has a clear definition. Moreover, every word is placed within a sentence to ascertain understanding in a particular context. Do you know what the following words mean: histrionic, enormity, husbandry, abate, hegemony etc? If not, you definitely need to acquire this book.

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The Death Penalty in America

Vague and ambiguous

20 november 2002

In my opinion, heinous criminal acts must be severely punished. Crimes such as culpable homicide, rape and child molestation deserve the harshest punishment. It is of crucial importance that the punishment fits the crime. The judicial system in Sweden is highly ineffective for several reasons. Prisons in Sweden have frequently been likened to hotels. Thus it is preposterous to assume that these modern and sophisticated prisons manage to deter people from committing criminal acts. A criminal has to fear incarceration, otherwise the judicial system is purposeless and superfluous. Bedau states in his book that the application of capital punishment is inhumane and cruel. What he fails to mention is the immense suffering of the victims of violent criminals. In sum, the author provides weak and insufficient arguments against the death penalty.

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Genocide in Bosnia

Lucid account of the Bosnian tragedy

15 november 2002

Norman Cigar has managed to write a well-argued and lucid book on the subject matter. This book reveals the systematic ethnic cleansing that was conducted by Serb forces with the objective to annihilate all non-Serbs. Norman supports his account with strong arguments. Some reviewers claim that this book is pro-muslim, but this assertion is flawed and biased. Norman simply unveils the truth in his book; this has been confirmed by several renowned authors like David Rohde and others. In sum, this is a great book that discloses the gruesome atrocities that took place in Bosnia. Strongly recommended.

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Race Matters


13 november 2002

Cornel argues well, I have to give him that. In my view, he is an intelligent and eloquent author. Nonetheless, his arguments are sometimes flawed and ambiguous. In his book, West claims that nihilism is a dangerous threat to black America and that the sense of worthlessness produces criminals. He further asserts that strong moral values are of great importance to survival of black people. However, West also implicitly states that individuals are not responsible for their actions. While he emphasizes the importance of moral reasoning in black communities, he maintains that the American system creates black criminals, because it is racially discriminatory. True, but individuals ARE responsible for their actions. This is a fact of life. Even though West's theory is flawed, this book is well-written.

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23 oktober 2002

By way of introduction I would like to state that Chomsky is one of the most proficient and intelligent writers in the world. His books on international politics and conflicts are extraordinarily well written. However, Chomsky's books are highly controversial in the United States. It is worth noting that he is not even allowed to appear in the American media. Chomsky frequently claims in his books that the United States employ flawed foreign politics. This book reveals the roots of terrorism. Highly recommendable!

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Analyzing English Grammar

A detailed analysis

18 oktober 2002

This is the most elaborate and meticulous book on the subject matter. It is primarily intended for academic purposes, although I strongly recommend it to advanced users of English grammar. Even though the book is complex and advanced, it nevertheless is user-friendly. Prospective teachers of English language should find this book extremely useful. It will facilitate and optimize teaching of English grammar. Strongly recommended!

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English Grammar For Dummies

A valuable reference

18 oktober 2002

Unlike other introductory books of English grammar, this book is simple and at the same time well written. It deals with essential points of English grammar, many of which pose problems for a great number of people. I recommend this book to people who have no prior knowledge of English grammar. However, those who are relatively familiar with the most important aspects of English grammar are discouraged from purchasing this book. For experienced users of English grammar, I highly recommend a book called Analyzing English Grammar. It is an invaluable and meticulous reference for advanced users of English grammar.

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