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  • Accountants

    Colin Dunn

    Accountants are routinely awarded the accolade of 'trusted advisor'. Yet many accountants, bogged down with compliance work, spend most of their time writing history instead of helping their clients make history. There has been much talk about how accountants should embrace value based, business improvement services so that they can step up and truly embrace their trusted advisor status. Yet little has been written on how to go about doing that in a way that sits firmly within the accountant's heartland - the numbers. In this book, Colin Dunn reveals tried and trusted methodologies that all accountants can implement to become the advisor their clients cannot do without. You'll discover: How to align your firm with your passion How to select only those clients who are right for your firm How to use compliance work as a springboard into business improvement services How using the right language can transform your client relationships How planning sessions are the key to a thriving business improvement service offering How the Cloud is transforming the way in which accountants create value for their clients

  • Remaining Relevant - The future of the accounting profession

    Rob Nixon

    Since 1994, Rob Nixon, CEO and co-founder of PANALITIX, has coached and taught accountants how to run profitable and efficient firms. He is an entrepreneur who has been running successful businesses since 1986. His latest innovation, PANALITIX, is cloud software which enables accountants' to offer real time business advisory services their clients.An industry thought-leader, whose speaking engagements have taken him around the world, Rob sets the benchmark for change for accountants failing to adapt to a changing industry. More than 150,000 have heard him speak and 16,000 accountants have used Rob's training products including his revolutionary coaching model called coachingclub or his DVD workshop modules.In 2011, Rob published his first book "Accounting Practices Don't Add Up!", an insightful yet practical guide for firms to move beyond the limitations of the traditional 'practice' model. Since then, the explosion of cloud computing and its impact on the accounting industry is the impetus for Rob's latest book "Remaining Relevant". It's all about the future of the accounting profession.