The Ice People 6 - Evil Legacy

The Ice People 6 - Evil Legacy

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The Ice People 6: Evil Legacy

Volume 6 in Margit Sandemo?s breathtaking series about The Ice People

Tarjei Lind of the Ice People promised his grandfather Tengel that he would find a worthy heir to their secret recipes. Tarjei decides to pass along everything ? plants, herbs, potions and recipes ? to Mattias, Kolgrim?s half-brother. When news of this reaches Kolgrim one summer?s day in 1633, his evil mind bursts out in horrendous violence.

Cecilie and Alexander Paladin?s daughter, Gabriella was born and raised in Denmark along with her twin brother, Tancred. A humiliating event forces Gabriella to flee her home and stay with her relatives in Norway - her visit is of great significance to the entire clan.

The story of the Ice People is a moving legend of love and supernatural powers, a tale of the crucial struggle between good and evil.