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Golden Hill
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6 december 2020

This book has received a number of awards, and is marketed as a masterpiece of historical fiction. Hard to understand why.
The writer is obviously experienced in writing non-fiction and has reportedly studied the historical context. That doesn't make him a novellist...
The language is mannered and contrived, and the text is almost impossible to read.
The characters are shallow and improbable.
The story is unbelievably long-winded and so full of endless, useless details, it's a pain to try to read through. The writer is trying too hard to be clever and unnecessarily takes us along a number of pointless routes. There are long passages that don't have any bearing at all to the story or to the historical interest - the text simply fills out page after page to no purpose.
I regret that I didn't follow my initial instinct to throw away this book after the first 20 pages.

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