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Fools' Crusade
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Propaganda and Sheer Lies!

23 augusti 2003

Let us begin by analyzing the focal poits made by Johnstone. Her principal postulation is that Bosnian Serbs were not the aggressor in the Bosnian war but the victims. This is an extremely preposterous assertion and it contradicts the unequivocal evidence gathered by the leading experts in the field. Supported by Serbia, Bosnian Serbs were military superior to both Bosnian Muslims and Croats. This is irrefutable! Also, Johnstone makes aberrant accusations by claiming that perhaps Muslims were targeting Sarajevo during the Bosnian war in an attemp to exterminate their own people. This accusation is so absurd and contradictory that it makes me sick! Is she not aware of the fact that Bosnian Serbs held Pale during the entire course of the war and they still do? It was from Pale that they shelled Sarajevo. This is the worst propaganda I have ever read. Preposterous and worthless!

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