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Why Do People Hate America?
Häftad (Trade Paper)

Intellectual Tour de Force

27 november 2003

Sardar and Davies offer an exhaustive and extremely well argued analysis of U.S. foreign policy. Have you been wondering why so many people hate America? You need not wonder any longer, the answer is right here in this book. Americans view themselves as omnipotent and infallible rulers of the world who are exempt from all international laws. Constant unilateral interventions in international conflicts and the impositions of American values fuel a justifiable hatred for U.S. foreign policy. As will become clear when you have finished reading this book, U.S. foreign policy is extremely flawed and unjust. Protecting strategic and economic interests of the U.S. at any cost and displaying a flagrant disregard for international law is indicative of extreme arrogance and hypocrisy. Being an indispensable read, this book should be read by everyone.

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