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Sword of the Prophet: Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam
Häftad (Trade Paper)


1 juni 2005

Srdja Trifkovic, a Serbian, offers in this despicable book a prejudiced and myopic analysis of Islam. Trifkovic claims that Islam is essentially a violent religion that teaches its adherents belligerence and intolerance. If anything, the situation is quite the opposite. Those who are even vaguely familiar with Islam know that Islam teaches piety, tolerance, empathy and compassion. According to Trifkovic, Muslims are to be blamed for all the evil in this world. In his opinion, all Muslims are potential terrorists seeking to annihilate the West. How objective and unbiased do you think that Trifkovic's book is? Before answering that question, bear in mind that he supported the Serbian aggression in Bosnia and Kosovo. He was also adviser to Biljana Plavsic. Plavsic was a former Bosnian Serb leader who was recently convicted of the crimes against humanity in Bosnia. Trifkovic's book contains vicious lies and abominable propaganda.

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