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Coffee Time!

16 maj 2016

During a lunch break while researching at the Stockholm City Archives, I read a book review in the magazine Swedish American Genealogist (2015:3). The title was Have Some Coffee! and I'm always game for that. The book: Fika (pronounced Fee-ka): The Art of the Swedish Coffee Break, with Recipes for Pastries, Breads, and Other Treats by Anna Brones and Johanna Kindvall.

What an absolutely delightful and charming book! From layout to illustrations, from recipes to prose. The authors mention two absolute staples for recipes: Sju Sorters Kakor (Seven Kinds of Cookies) and Vår Kokbok (Our Cookbook), both of which 9 out of 10 Swedish households are sure to have and if you're my age, you have the earlier editions¿.

The authors have chosen wisely. Any home baker can tell you that they have baked these recipes for years, over and over again. I know I have. The recipes are clear and true to the originals. All of this is baking from scratch- don't even think that word "mix".

Each chapter begins with a description of Fika in all its forms- from the kind of cup you drink out of to when, where and why there should be a Fika.

My fika today was Kärleksmums (chocolate coffee squares). The recipe is on page 62 and has the same basic ingredients as in the Agneta Lampe book "att lyckas med gott hembakat" where it is known as Mias mockabitar. It's a favorite among chocoholics.

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