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Great tool to understand digital marketing today

1 oktober 2016

The core messege I found in the book "Marketing Goes Digital" reminded me of my grandfather. His name was Johan Beyer and during the 1960-1970's was he the owner and CEO of the glass-manufacturing company Orrefors. This was a tradition and, to some extent, conservative industry where focus did not lie on innovation and learning. In order for my grandfather to keep himself on his those in this tiny little village, where everyone had a relationship to the plant, did he frame a a few words and put up on one of the walls in his office. Inside the frame could everyone that came into his office read "The only certainty in life is the knowledge of the constant development and change". I'm not sure everyone that came into his office understood the true meaning but after reading do I understand that the quote on my grandfathers office wall is still relevant, perhaps more relvant now than ever?

"Marketing Goes Digital" explains to the reader why the digital innovation is not only to be seen as a development of technical aspects that we all need to understand. No, it is so much more and the authors explains this in a pedagogically fashion using interviews and a language that is understandable for everyone above the age of 14.

Given my experience of working towards companies that has a desire to put "digital" higher up on the agenda, without really knowing why, do I know there is a need for a book like "Marketing Goes Digital". What the book does which most other comparable litterature miss out on is to strongly emphasize and stress the importance of learning and to be curious on topics that relates to digital innovation.

Digital innovation and marketing are not static subjects, hence is it critical to embrace my grandfathers approach and find your own areas of improvement from all the suggestions that the book displays to the reader.

"Marketing Goes Digital" was a comfortable read for the eye and the way the book is structured makes it ease to jump back forward. Because this is not a book that you only read once, after my first read did I start going back to specific chapters to re-read. My suggestion to everyone is to use "Marketing Goes Digital" as a tool, not only to get inspired, but to remind yourself of the importance of accepting and embracing development and innovation.

Marketing today is not about developing a new app - it is about understanding the person you want to reach out to. In order to be relevant to that person is it critical to truly understand that persons needs, desire and behaviour. You will have a much easier road to understanding of these aspects once you understand the importance of learning that "Marketing Goes Digital" describes for you inside its read cover.

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