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  • Kulan som inte träffade

    Richard Osman

    Det är en vanlig torsdag, om det nu finns vanliga dagar för gänget i Torsdagsmordklubben, när de blir indragna i förvecklingarna kring två mord som skett med tio års mellanrum. Elizabeth har dessutom ett besök som tvingar henne att välja mellan att döda eller bli dödad.Medan pensionärerna i Torsdagsmordklubben finner nya vänner i en tv-stjärna, skumma pengatvättare och en före detta KGB-agent kämpar de för att hindra mördaren från att slå till igen...Richard Osman är tillbaka med den tredje fristående boken som inleddes med "Torsdagsmordklubben". Vi möter än en gång pensionärerna när de snubblar på en ny mordgåta.

  • The Bullet That Missed

    Richard Osman

    THE THIRD NOVEL IN THE RECORD-BREAKING, MILLION-COPY BESTSELLING THURSDAY MURDER CLUB SERIES BY RICHARD OSMAN ---------- 'An absolute delight from start to finish' Shari Lapena 'A rattling good story' Ann Cleeves 'Another witty, charming and hugely entertaining read... his best yet' Sunday Express 'A joy to be back...intrigue, red herrings and loads of charm' Good Housekeeping It is an ordinary Thursday and things should finally be returning to normal. Except trouble is never far away where the Thursday Murder Club are concerned. A decade-old cold case leads them to a local news legend and a murder with no body and no answers. Then a new foe pays Elizabeth a visit. Her mission? Kill... or be killed. As the cold case turns white hot, Elizabeth wrestles with her conscience (and a gun), while Joyce, Ron and Ibrahim chase down clues with help from old friends and new. But can the gang solve the mystery and save Elizabeth before the murderer strikes again? ---------- WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT THE THURSDAY MURDER CLUB SERIES 'Opening the new Osman is like sitting down to dinner with treasured friends you know are going to kill you - deliciously!' PETER JAMES 'Full of humour and heart, Osman delivers another must-read. I loved it' HARLAN COBEN 'A warm, wise and witty warning never to underestimate the elderly' VAL MCDERMID 'So smart and funny. Deplorably good' IAN RANKIN 'Smart, compassionate, warm, moving and so VERY funny' MARIAN KEYES 'Thrilling, moving, laugh-out-loud funny' MARK BILLINGHAM

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... Steven Spielberg har köpt filmrättigheterna till boken Torsdagsmordklubben.

... Richard Osman varit en deltagare i den engelska versionen av tv-programmet Bäst i test (Taskrunner)? Se roliga klipp online!

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Mini-intervju med Richard Osman

Why do you think people are so fond of reading about a group of seniors meeting up and solving murders in a peaceful retirement village?
I think the warmth and humour really appealed to people, but so did the kindness inherent in Elizabeth, Ron, Ibrahim, and Joyce. A little more of this kindness in the world - as well as a good bit of cake - is exactly what we need right now. The Thursday Murder Club come from very different walks of life – we have an ex-spy, an ex-psychiatrist, an ex-nurse and an ex-trade union leader – but they work together during difficult times to solve crimes and help each other. I think that kind of camaraderie is always appealing to read about. 

You've been very productive since you started to write books. What's your secret?
I love the discipline of novel writing and have found it helpful to keep to a routine. I set daily goals for myself of around 1,000 words at a time, and slowly work up towards the full thing. I don’t leave the desk until I have something – anything! – written down. You can always go back and rewrite. 

What’s your most memorable reading experience?
I’m a big crime-fiction fan and have fond memories of reading Agatha Christie’s novels. I enjoy unravelling mysteries and following characters whose true identities end up being something completely different to what they first appear.

“Did you know?” (Tell us a few things about yourself that you believe only a few people know)
I’m a massive fan of British daytime TV. Bargain Hunt and Homes Under the Hammer are particular favourites - ideally with our cat, Liesl, watching alongside me.