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Dinosaurier & urtiden

  1. Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs &; Prehistoric Creatures

    av Dougal Dixon

    Häftad, Engelska, 2014-01-01, ISBN 9781846812095
    (1 röst)

    This title profiles all known dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures, from the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous eras and beyond, including fish, mammals, reptiles, pterosaurs, plesiosaurs, ichthyosaurs, amphibians, crocodiles, turtles and birds. It ...

  2. Prehistoric Life: The Definitive Visual History of Life on Earth

    av Dk

    Häftad, Engelska, 2012-07-01, ISBN 9780756699109
  3. The Princeton Field Guide to Dinosaurs

    av Gregory S Paul

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2016-09-23, ISBN 9780691167664

    The best-selling Princeton Field Guide to Dinosaurs remains the must-have book for anyone who loves dinosaurs, from amateur enthusiasts to professional paleontologists. Now extensively revised and expanded, this dazzlingly illustrated large-format...

  4. The Complete Dinosaur, Second Edition

    av Michael K Brett-Surman, Dr Thomas R Holtz Jnr, James O Farlow

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2012-06-27, ISBN 9780253357014
    (2 röster)

    Praise for the first edition:A gift to serious dinosaur enthusiasts" -Science The amount of information in [these] pages is amazing. This book should be on the shelves of dinosaur freaks as well as those who need to know more about the paleob...

  5. Prehistoric

    av Dk

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2009-10-01, ISBN 9781405337045

    Experience a story 3.8 billion years in the making, with this unparalleled visual guide to prehistoric lifeUnprecedented visual detail, comprehensive entries on hundreds of species and the latest research provides the whole picture of the creature...

  6. Complete Book of Dinosaurs

    av Dougal Dixon

    Häftad, Engelska, 2012-01-01, ISBN 9781780190372

    The ultimate identification guide for dinosaur enthusiasts, featuring more than 355 creatures, written by an acknowledged expert. Fascinating anatomical drawings demonstrate their skeletal make up, and the habitats in which they lived are depicted...

  7. Fossil Forensics

    av Dr Jerry Bergman

    Häftad, Engelska, 2017-12-01, ISBN 9781944918101

    There is a difference between fact and speculation. Unfortunately, scientists and science media often fail to make the distinction everywhere they should. This is especially true within paleontology. Paleontologists often develop theories which, w...

  8. The Last Dinosaur Book

    av W J T Mitchell

    Inbunden, Engelska, 1998-10-01, ISBN 9780226532042

    This text addresses the question of how dinosaurs moved from natural extinction to pop culture resurrection, exploring the animal's place in our lives and the source of its popular appeal. In tracing the cultural family tree of the dinosaur there ...

  9. Dinosaurs: A Very Short Introduction

    av David Norman

    Häftad, Engelska, 2017-09-28, ISBN 9780198795926

    David Norman discusses some of the most fascinating and iconic creatures to walk our Earth. Introducing the different famillies of dinosaurs, he discusses how they were first discovered and interpreted, and looks at how scientific break-throughs h...

  10. Dinosaur Art 2

    av Steve White

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2017-10-01, ISBN 9781785653988

    Following on from Dinosaur Art, this new volume showcases 10 amazing artists whose work represents the cutting edge of paleoart. Many are rising stars in the field; others have embraced digital technology and continue to assert long-standing reput...

  11. Origami Dinosaurs for Beginners

    av John Montroll

    Häftad, Engelska, 2013-01-16, ISBN 9780486498195

    Perfect for paperfolders with a penchant for all things prehistoric, this new collection from an international origami master includes 20 models, ranging from a tyrannosaurus to lesser-known dinosaurs, and is suited to beginners and intermediate l...

  12. Recreating an Age of Reptiles

    av Mark P Witton

    Häftad, Engelska, 2017-06-12, ISBN 9781785003349

    Dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals have always fascinated people but they pose vast problems for the artist. How do you go about recreating the anatomy and behaviour of a creature we've never seen? How can we restore landscapes long lost to t...

  13. Animals Of A Bygone Era

    av Maja Safstrom

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2017-03-24, ISBN 9780399578526

    A whimsically illustrated collection of surprising and funny facts about extinct animals. With plyful artwork and remarkable trivia about animals long forgotten, such as semiaquatic sea minks and tiny Eurasian wild horses.

  14. Pterosaurs

    av Mark P Witton

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2013-05-31, ISBN 9780691150611

    For 150 million years, the skies didn't belong to birds--they belonged to the pterosaurs. These flying reptiles, which include the pterodactyls, shared the world with the nonavian dinosaurs until their extinction 65 million years ago. Some pterosa...

  15. Dinosaur Art

    av Steve White

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2012-09-04, ISBN 9780857685841
    (1 röst)

    A paleoartist is an illustrator who specialises in the science and art of reconstructing ancient animals and their world. In "Dinosaur Art," ten of the top contemporary paleoartists reveal a selection of their work and exclusively discus...

  16. The Paleoart of Julius Csotonyi

    av Julius Csotonyi

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2014-05-20, ISBN 9781781169124

    The collected works of Julius Csotonyi, one of the world's most high profile and talented contemporary paleoartists. Csotonyi has considerable academic expertise that contributes to his stunning dynamic art. Csotonyi represents the natural world p...

  17. Sabertooth

    av Mauricio Anton

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2013-11-01, ISBN 9780253010421

    With their spectacularly enlarged canines, sabertooth cats are among the most popular of prehistoric animals, yet it is surprising how little information about them is available for the curious layperson. What's more, there were other sabertooths ...

  18. How to Clone a Mammoth

    av Beth Shapiro

    Häftad, Engelska, 2016-09-20, ISBN 9780691173115

    Could extinct species, like mammoths and passenger pigeons, be brought back to life? The science says yes. In How to Clone a Mammoth, Beth Shapiro, evolutionary biologist and pioneer in "ancient DNA" research, walks readers through the a...

  19. Wonderful Life

    av Stephen Jay Gould

    Häftad, Engelska, 2000-08-01, ISBN 9780099273455

    High in the Canadian Rockies is a small limestone quarry formed 530 million years ago. Called the Burgess Shale, it holds the remains of an ancient sea where dozens of strange creatures lived - a forgotten corner of evolution preserved in incredib...

  20. The Princeton Field Guide to Prehistoric Mammals

    av Donald R Prothero

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2016-10-07, ISBN 9780691156828

    After the mass extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, mammals became the dominant terrestrial life form on our planet. Roaming the earth were spectacular beasts such as saber-toothed cats, giant mastodonts, immense ground sloths, and gi...

  21. Giants Of The Lost World

    av Donald R Prothero

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2016-09-01, ISBN 9781588345738

    More than a hundred years ago, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote a novel called The Lost World with the exciting premise that dinosaurs and other prehistoric beasts still ruled in South America. Little did Conan Doyle know, there were terrifying monste...

  22. Dinosaurs: How They Lived and Evolved

    av Darren Naish, Paul Barrett

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2016-10-01, ISBN 9781588345820
  23. Mammoths

    av Adrian Lister

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2014-02-01, ISBN 9780565093273

    Enormous, elephantine and extinct: the mammoth is the iconic animal of the Ice Age. These colossal creatures roamed the cold, open landscapes of Europe, Asia, and North America as recently as 20,000 years ago. Today, their well-preserved fossil re...

  24. The Dinosauria

    av David B Weishampel, Peter Dodson, Halszka Osmolska

    Häftad, Engelska, 2007-11-01, ISBN 9780520254084

    When "The Dinosauria" was first published more than a decade ago, it was hailed as 'the best scholarly reference work available on dinosaurs' and 'an historically unparalleled compendium of information.' This second, fully revised editio...

  25. The Sauropod Dinosaurs

    av Mark Hallett, Mathew J Wedel

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2016-08-16, ISBN 9781421420288

    From The Land Before Time to Jurassic Park, images of fantastically large, long-necked, plant-eating dinosaurs have captured our imaginations. These are the sauropods: centerpieces of museums and gentle giants of the distant past. Imagine what it ...

  26. Dinosaurs

    av Douglas Palmer

    Häftad, Engelska, 2006-07-01, ISBN 9780007222537

    An identification guide to the most important and best known dinosaurs Do you know the difference between a Coelophysis and a Diplodocus? How much larger than a human was a Spinosarus? Is it likely that the Parasaurolophus made a sound like a trom...

  27. Dino Gangs

    av Josh Young

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2011-05-01, ISBN 9780007413393

    With his groundbreaking new findings and extensive research, palaeontologist and dino hunter Dr Phil Currie challenges the very foundations of traditional dinosaur theories.Seventy million years ago the Mongolian desert was home to the world's big...

  28. Dino Gangs: Dr Philip J Currie's New Science of Dinosaurs E-bok

    av Dr Phil Currie, Josh Young

    E-bok, Engelska, 2011-05-26, ISBN 9780007413409

    With his groundbreaking findings and extensive research, palaeontologist and dino hunter Dr Phil Currie challenges the very foundations of traditional dinosaur theories.Seventy million years ago the Mongolian desert was home to the world's biggest...