The Vegan Baking Bible (inbunden)
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Colour photography throughout of each recipe
Colour photography throughout of each recipe
The Vegan Baking Bible (inbunden)

The Vegan Baking Bible

Over 300 recipes for Bakes, Cakes, Treats and Sweets

Inbunden Engelska, 2022-05-05
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Over 10 years of hard work and trial-and-error, the talented Karolina Tegelaar has created the ultimate vegan baking book - a must-have for every baking-enthusiast's kitchen. Vegan baking has been revolutionised by the introduction of aquafaba and plant-based dairy products, and this definitive bible chronicles everything you need to know to create all the baking classics, as well as new and interesting bakes, using the latest techniques. With this book, you'll never again have to make compromises on flavour, texture and design when baking vegan. Packed with hundreds of tips, techniques and troubleshooting advice, The Vegan Baking Bible includes everything from cakes, muffins, meringues, biscuits, cookies, brownies, gingerbread, ice cream and even a whole section on yeasted doughs and pastries so you can make bagels, doughnuts and pain au chocolat, too. With The Vegan Baking Bible by your side, you'll never stop saying, 'I can't believe it's vegan!'. Contents Introduction: including tips and techniques Cupcakes and muffins: including carrot, banana, pumpkin, chocolate, corn, vanilla Basic Cakes: including lemon & yoghurt, poppyseed, genoise, tiger, almond, clementine, strawberry, caramel, apple, carrot, saffron Traybakes: coffee, berry, cinnamon, chocolate, courgette Layer cakes: princess, dark chocolate, chocolate fudge, carrot Icings/Frostings: vanilla, chocolate, buttercream, mousse, caramel, ganache Classics: Brownies, chocolate souffle, cheesecake, fruit cake Cookies/Biscuits: chocolate chip, amaretti, biscotti, snickerdoodles, macaroons, meringues, gingerbread Yeasted dough: cinnamon buns, brioche, bagels, chocolate bread, semlor
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Karolina Tegelaar has 15 vegan books to her name, which she has written over the last 10 years. She has collated all her favourite recipes into this bible, which won a prize for the Best Baking Cookbook of 2020 in Sweden (chosen by the gastronomic academy at the University of Karlstad). Karolina grew up on a farm and studied animal husbandry, which has led her to believe that being vegan is the only answer. She has a phD in biology and her scientific training has helped her methodically develope recipes that are perfect. Some of her recipes have been tested over 100 times.